Who are the warriors Telecommunications still is fighting for the liberation of Kiev? Feat

  Who are the warriors Telecommunications still is fighting for the liberation of Kiev? Feat The first combat award , Prestigious soldier the medal "For Valour" helped Michael Pilipenko to reconnect with his father, lost in the first battle with the Nazis.

Another sign of recognition modest signaller was the Order of the Red Star. Together with his division, Michael participated in the famous battle at the Kursk Bulge. For that rewarded the soldier? For routine, daily work. How many had to pave and restore communication lines in a complex combat environment, and how much it required forces, nobody did. But, repeatedly risking his life, a boy from the remote Belarusian village has always acted in an exemplary job and provided a stable connection to their commanders.

From Kursk together with the same infantry division Michael Pilipenko, fighting reached the Dnieper, where made the feat, the award-the highest state award - the Hero of the Soviet Union.

  Who are the warriors Telecommunications still is fighting for the liberation of Kiev? Feat Sergeant M. Pilipenko photo from the front of the newspaper Combat Division had three times to force the Dnieper. The third time it happened north of the Ukrainian capital in the region Pushcha-Vodice, now a favorite vacation spot of Kiev. Junior Sergeant Michael Pilipenko with radio, telephone and cable reel swam across the river in the vanguard. The boat, the ruined mine explosion, to the right bank could not reach. I had chosen to swim, but the connection has been established yet.

Military success is fickle. It so happened that on Oct. 26, 1943 managed to break through the enemy front line. Michael Pilipenko miraculously survived, only one in the battalion command post, where a German shell landed. Being surrounded by the Nazis, signaller on the radio caused the fire on himself.

The volleys of Katyusha rocket eliminated breakthrough, and Michael was lucky again, it did not even hurt. Now gray-haired man, Lieutenant-General Mikhail Korneyevich Pilipenko well aware of the importance of his action then. A confused young sergeant, when his words of gratitude prinarodno rastselovyval Divisional Commander, modestly explained that the fire, he called not for themselves, and surrounded him with the fascists.

The news of the high award has found the young hero on a hospital bed. The second shot Michael Korneyevich received in the Battle of Korsun-Shevchenko ledge. Gold Star of Hero and the Order of Lenin he handed MI Kalinin, in February 1944.

Victory Michael Pilipenko met Kuibyshev Military College cadet connection. The post-war military service he held in different places and at different positions. But thousands of officers, communications personnel of the Armed Forces and other law enforcement agencies of the USSR, Russia and the CIS countries will recall Michael Korneyevich as chief of the Kiev Higher Military Engineering School of the Red Banner twice of Communications, MI Kalinin.

MK Pilipenko adopted renowned institution in the first half of the seventies. During the years of Command and prestige already known in the country school has grown considerably, and competition among the applicants was stably higher than in many civilian universities.

Military adversities and hardships of postwar life is not hardened combat officer. And the "laces" and "negros" as teased each other cadets from different departments who know your boss as a gentle, kind man and immensely respected not only for the services and care, but also for his character, ability to understand and forgive. Many daredevil Michael Korneyevich saved destiny without taking extreme measures, such as deductions for disciplinary reasons. None of the "zaletchikov" did not disappoint in the future of its first general, but some people and himself now General.

Students KVVIDKUS, as usual, not only learn, but also actively participated in city events, helping patrons businesses. Was no exception and the construction of the 1979-1981 Memorial - Museum of the Great Patriotic War.

  Who are the warriors Telecommunications still is fighting for the liberation of Kiev? Feat Detail of sculpture of the National Museum of the Great Patriotic War dome complex crowned grand symbolic sculpture of the mother country, and one of the fragments of the sculpture composition devoted to combat heroism of soldiers Telecommunications. The image of a young soldier with a coil cable sculptor created by old photos of Michael Pilipenko. The sculptural portrait of a hero forever settled near the scene of the deed.

Military service Michael Korneyevich Pilipenko ended in 1990. In the rank of lieutenant-general, he retired and now lives in Moscow. In addition to awards, which were discussed above, the dress is decorated combat general of the Order of Lenin, World War II, the Red Star, for service to the Motherland in the Armed Forces, Bogdan Khmelnitsky, for service to the Fatherland. And as for medals - do not enumerate.

I can not do without the stamp, but veteran Today in the ranks, rather not say. Honorary citizen of Kiev and the municipality Alekseevskoe in Moscow wrote the book, is an enormous public work, meet with youth and veterans.

But in meetings in a warm and friendly atmosphere with their pupils, that are regularly surprised by the ability of many to stay at the table on equal terms with everyone, without adjustments for age.