In whose hands would die Frederic Chopin? Love the music

  In whose hands would die Frederic Chopin? Love the music They say that love man Art difficult. But what if a loving couple, both - the people of art? There are many novels, but only a small fraction of them turned into a really long and happy life. The love story of Frederic Chopin and George Sand (real name Aurora Dupin) can not be attributed to the stories with happy endings, but, nevertheless, they loved each other until the end of life and a time to be happy.

In 1831, Frederic Chopin left his native Warsaw and headed to the capital of arts 1,111,114. Paris [/url] . His talented works immediately appreciated were evaluated, and he gained access to many noble houses of Paris.

For example, in 1836 on secular evening the Countess d'Agu 26-year old Chopin, already had time to get the glory of intelligent, charming and devilishly charming young man, acquainted with the disagreeable and rough, at first glance, George Sand . She was dressed in a severe suit, and my mouth was holding a smoking cigar. In their 1932 behind George had one marriage and two children (daughter Solange and son of Maurice) and innumerable lovers. Her fans have always been much younger, and because she treated everyone with the feeling of motherhood.

The first impression of Sand for Chopin was far from positive, after a short conversation with her, he told the hostess that she believes the woman is not pretty. And only a half years later, his opinion changed. They seemed to have the couple have nothing in common: it is - an intelligent, calm, it - hot-tempered and strong-willed, however, they were happy together and put up with the shortcomings of each other. For the sake of a loved George for a while forgot their men's suits and wore 1,111,118. Dress [/url] .

In 1838, George and Frederick went to Spain in the hope that the climate of Mallorca a positive impact on Chopin's deteriorating health (he suffered from tuberculosis). But there he was only worse, and Sand became a nurse around the clock. She had been on duty day and night at the bedside of Frederick, was preparing food (because he could not eat local food). When the owner, those who passed them to the room, learned about the disease lodger, then asked to move out from there and pay a fine for damages (the things that touched hectic, was supposed to burn). Sand and Chopin were not able to find a shelter, no one wanted to host a sick person, only in the monastery they agreed to provide shelter for some time. Return to Paris for them, too, has become a big problem, not a single ship would not agree to take them on board, and only one ship has consented. They singled out the worst cabin. Their neighbors on the ship were a pig. At that Chopin complained: "We have to go in the worst conditions, even compared with the pigs."

In February 1839 George and Frederick settled the estate in Sand [url=] France 11,111,115. . After an unsuccessful trip to Spain Chopin got worse, and George again was forced to become his devoted nurse. Sometimes she even said that in her house is actually three children: Solange, Maurice and Frederic. Feelings faded. Sand thought it was just tired of her lover. Frederick was too dreamy and weak, he needed her more than she had in him. Nevertheless, they were still together. Love and passion have passed, but remained a deep affection and respect, friends, they did not cease to be never.

Over time, the situation in the house started to run more often between George and Frederick arose disagreements . A considerable proportion of their contention made and Sand's daughter Solange. At that time she fell in love with Auguste Klezenzhe - coarse, licentious and frivolous young man. Naturally, Sand was against such a connection and was trying to protect her daughter, but the stubborn Solange decided to flee with her beloved. Having learned about the plans her daughter, George agreed to the marriage. However, his daughter and could not forgive the mother is concerned. It was set up by Frederick against Sand. Chopin has always been on the side of Solange and completely trust her, so to convince him that his mother is changing, not for Solange was no trouble.