Michael Derzhavin in great shape. What helps - love or satire?

Michael Derzhavin in great shape. What helps - love or satire? People's Artist of Russia, actor, cinema and music - Michael M. Derzhavin was born June 15, 1936 in Moscow, in a creative family.

His father, a People's Artist of Russia and the Stalin Prize winner, Mikhail S. Derzhavin played at the Theatre Vakhtangov, the mother, Iraida Ivanovna, though, and was connected with the theater, but she had to leave him enough time to devote to children - two daughters and a son.

Michael walked in the footsteps of his father and to realize all that was laid in his childhood artistic atmosphere of the family and the environment. Thanks to the surroundings little Misha in early childhood is no longer represented his future outside the scene.

The house in Vakhtangov in the heart of Moscow, where he grew up next actor, was remarkable in that it lived entirely celebrities: actors, musicians and artists, and the next entrance was Theatre School. B. Shchukin.

On a visit to Derzhavins easily visited such well-known Vakhtangov as Okhlopkov, Simonov, Abrikosov, ring, and others. And the kids who lived in the "acting" the house all day playing "in theater" and set the stage for improvised fabulous idea where they themselves were both actors and spectators, and decorative artist.

Michael Derzhavin in great shape. What helps - love or satire? Long Lake, near Leningrad. Left to right: E. Joffe, R. Raikin, Arkady Raikin, Michael and Catherine Derzhavin Raikin with his cousin. In the center - Kostya Raikin When, during the Great Patriotic War Theatre. Vakhtangov evacuated to Omsk, where little Misha and attended all performances of his father and had memorized every 5 years Kutuzov monologue from the play "Field Marshal Kutuzov, read it in the hospital wounded.

Love, like art, has always been in the life charming Misha significant role. He fell in love himself, and fell in love with him ... with the opposite sex he has shown a steady sympathy and understanding, but because of love affairs are almost always good luck.

In 1943, when the family Derzhavins returned from evacuation to Moscow, Mikhail for the first time in love, and he was then the whole 9 years! Well, for one, do you think should be like the first love of a boy from an artistic family? Of course, the actress. That girl Lucy, who lives nearby, was "spilled 1,111,114. Deanna Durbin [/url] "He thought.
- ... The same blue-eyed, snub-nosed, with a little white curls. I fell in love in her terrible - recalls actor.

And once, when they, along with the other children were riding down the hills and lay in the snow, Michael could not resist, and kissed her "passion" in a pink cheek.
- She did not run away, do not hit, but also silently looked at me and kissed - recalls Derzhavin. But their relationship was not destined to last long. Lucy The family left with "the first wave of 1,111,116. Emigration [/url] "And so it was left to live abroad.

Michael Derzhavin in great shape. What helps - love or satire? I told the Shura: do you know, happened to me an extraordinary thing - love. "Well, - he says - let's arrange a bride!" A lovely and amorous Misha, enrolling in 1954 in the Theatre School. Shchukin, there met a charming girl - Ekaterina Raikin ... And once again flared up in him is the overwhelming feeling - love. The feeling was mutual, and young people, without hesitation, got married. He was - 21, Katya - 19.

Arkady Raikin - Katya's father - Michael knew from childhood. He often came to their house on the famous Arbat street to his friends, and Misha with the boys once remarked, when into the yard of his "victory" with the number "0025 Lee (" Lee "- Leningrad individual).

- Our yard is preserved, - says Mikhail Derzhavin - I still live in that house on the Arbat and, incidentally, put your car in exactly the same spot where he once parked Raikin.

... "Love - is a mystery. Do not know why it occurs and why is "- is often quoted phrase from Mikhail performance theater satire" Greetings from Cjurupy "when told about this side of his life, marriage, family relations and love. Yes, his life is a mysterious feeling called " love "Occurred more than once ...

Marriage to Catherine Raikin did not last long. Rather, their first wife, according to Mikhail Mikhailovich, spread that work with them after the end of the Pike "had a different theaters (it - in Lenkom it - in the theater Vakhtangov), and on tour for a long time, they disperse in different directions in different cities. Gradually, as if by itself, there was separation and cooling of the spouses. Michael suffered a long time and went gloomy and sad.

Then one of his friends, Victor Sukhodrev, decided to introduce him to Nina Budyonny - daughter of the legendary first Marshal of the Soviet Union. Victor Sukhodrev worked as a translator and Khrushchev and Brezhnev, and was married to her friend Nina Budyonny, actress Inna Kmit. And Nina was studying then in MSU at the Faculty of Journalism. When friends arranged a meeting for young people, Michael and Nina liked each other.

The result of this acquaintance began 18 years of life together, a wonderful daughter, Masha, and two grandchildren - Peter and Paul. Budennogo Michael Derzhavin as Arkady Raikin knew from childhood. When they came out with his friends after school from school, they often drove past in his Packard and Buick high chiefs and leaders of the country, and the children enthusiastically waved to them. Semyon Budyonny , Catching sight of cheering children, always gave them credit.

Michael Derzhavin in great shape. What helps - love or satire? "I'm over 70, and I tumbled" Then, of course, Derzhavin and could not imagine what will happen in-law of this legendary man. When Nina first time led the groom's house, Semyon Mikhailovich very warmly received by Michael.
- Come, my son - he said affectionately chosen one daughter, and between them immediately to establish good relations.

Having moved to the street Budyonny Granovsky, Michael of acting environment Arbat homes plunged into the environment leaders of the country, the marshals and generals. Their neighbors were Molotov, Zhukov, Kaganovich, Voroshilov ...

Oh, this mysterious love! Indeed - "do not know why it occurs and why is" ... After 18 years of marriage with Nina began slowly winding down. And suddenly, on a trip to the regular tour, Derzhavin saw Roxana Babayan. Life has never pushed them so close ... Before that, he for a time led the transfer of the radio and knew that Roxanne - singer, but seeing it live, he thought "that Babayan - this is such a large Armenian woman with a good voice" .

Michael Derzhavin in great shape. What helps - love or satire? Oh, this mysterious love! ... In his trip to the regular tour Derzhavin saw a charming Roxana Babayan - And suddenly in front of me is dark-haired girl with a lovely figure. And me, I must admit, has always liked little dark. All three of my wife's dark-haired and brown-eyed. Wow!

They flew together on the plane, and he drank a little with friends for courage, sat down with Roxane. That "jumped in front of them love" and "struck two ...

Her third marriage, to actor Michael Derzhavina present his wife - People's Artist of Russia, singer Roxana Babayan, proved the most durable and most happy. They married in 1981 and has played 11,111,118. silver wedding [/url] !

Both of them are active, combining creativity with social activities. Roxana, along with performances and attendance at concerts suit environmental actions and celebrations dedicated to the protection of animals.

- My wife has so much energy that it will protect the animals, and on the stage to sing - says Mikhail Derzhavin.

At one time, Roxana Rubenovna led to the TV show "Breakfast with Roxana," even though the house because of the rush it is not often brought to cook. But picky about food, Mikhail Mikhailovich, thank God, it is easy to please, because he loves the fast and easy to prepare meals, for which his family and called - "kashkoed. And yet, that the path to the heart of the man she loved (who, as we know, is through his stomach) is not overgrown, Roxana Rubenovna still sometimes rises strongly to the plate, and then pampers husband something very tasty.

Michael Derzhavin in great shape. What helps - love or satire? In 1981, Michael Derzhavin married a third time. Now his choice is the singer Roxana Babayan For example, the Armenian dolma
That she herself loves.

Now Michael Derzhavin continues to work in the Moscow Theater of Satire, and also acts in a pop duo with a colleague and friend throughout his life - Alexander Shirvindt.

- We are with my older friend (Shirvindt Derzhavina over 2 years) is still on the scene and tumbled in a football game ... and maybe it's theater (Satire) does not allow us to feel the age? Humor and Satire, they say, prolong life, - says Mikhail.