What secret emblem of Japanese brands?

What secret emblem of Japanese brands? Drive a Honda, Mitsubishi or Subaru? And want to know what hides the logo of the most famous Japanese brands? Read that and then casually show off to friends with his knowledge.

What secret emblem of Japanese brands? TOYOTA
Ellipses - two inside and one outside - symbolize the unity of the automaker, its partners and customers. The logo of the brand was updated three times. The last time in April 2005, ellipses instead of red steel silver. In 2007, Toyota is celebrating its seventieth birthday. But not all the 70 years it produced cars: it all began with looms.

It's simple: Honda sign denotes capital letter H, but, naturally, in the original design. "Honda" - the surname of the company founder, Soichiro Honda.
The motto of the Honda "-" Power of Dreams. "

What secret emblem of Japanese brands? MITSUBISHI
In Group Mitsubishi many areas of interest - he was engaged in refining, and shipbuilding, and insurance, and even beer. The company's founder - a descendant of samurai Yataro Iwasaki - has not taken the basis of his name, but the family still perpetuated. For the logo, he borrowed the emblem of his clan - three diamonds. (However, they were located not in the way we used to see, and one above the other.) And connect it with the arms of another clan - Tosa, who was much indebted. Their heraldic symbol consisting of three oak leaves an already more familiar to the eye motorist location. The word Mitsubishi means "three diamonds", but Iwasaki invested in it and another beginning, business and philosophical: diamonds symbolize the responsibility to society, honesty and openness to international cooperation.

What secret emblem of Japanese brands? NISSAN
Despite its rich history - the company formed by the gradual merging of several automakers - its logo are simple: the name in a circle. However, it is not just a circle, and the rising sun. Indeed, in earlier versions of the circle was red, and the plate with the name of the company - blue ...

The company initially generally had no relation to cars. And let cork products. In the 20 years of last century appeared the first motorcycle from Mazda, and then cars. Founder name Dzudziro Matsuda, and the name he chose the name of the Zoroastrian supreme god of light. Moreover, this name was similar to the name of the Matsuda! As for the logo, you will first think of anything decent and could not cost the same inscription on the hood. In the 90 years appeared oval with an inscribed a rhombus with rounded corners. How long this sign is not extended, because it makes nesveduyuschih motorists only surprise toss his eyebrows: "What a logo? Whose will? "And only last emblem stuck. It reminds both the letter M - Mazda and V - victory, victory. The elegant curve suggests that the company is creative and flexible.

What secret emblem of Japanese brands? SUZUKI
The name of the auto word symbolizes only the name of the founder - Michio Suzuki. By the way, he came from the same prefecture, and that Soichiro Honda! Villager Michio Suzuki started his business with the production of looms. The very emblem too simple - a stylized letter S. Someone thinks that looks like a gothic font, but the Japanese believe in reverse - a sign like a hieroglyph of the alphabet kanji!