How to feel the "pulse" from diesel?

  How to feel the "pulse" from diesel? Number of cars per capita in Russia is growing rapidly. Someone buys a new car, some three to five years, someone can afford only a very RDF ramshackle. But mostly they are united by one thing: the vast majority of cars - gasoline. For diesel engines to be privately owned wary, considering that diesel is more difficult to use, diagnosis and repair. In fact, the number of various settings that affect the quality of the work of the engine, as well as the number of possible problems in the diesel engine in times less than that of gasoline counterparts.

  First some theory.

"Heart" of diesel - the fuel pump pressure (fuel pump). If the diesel trucks, locomotives and ships grease fuel rail and fuel pump plunger by motor oil, then in passenger cars as a lubricant "heart" itself carries fuel. Therefore, "dry off" the road is fraught: the gaps plunger is measured in microns, and, lacking lubrication, fuel pump fails, gets jammed. The opening pressure of injectors varies on different models of diesel engines from 150 to 300 kg/cm (15-30 MPa). The difference in opening pressure should not exceed 3 per cent, rather than adjusted jets - the smoother running engine and less fuel consumption. Injection pump, of course, obliged, even when idling engine to give more pressure. Excess fuel not fallen into the cylinder through the pipe cut-off (or obratki - who both like it) back into the fuel tank at a pressure slightly greater than atmospheric. From the fuel tank to fuel pump, a pump pumping and fuel filter, diesel goes under the pressure of about atmospheric 0,9-0,95 (a small vacuum is created fuel pump).

  We turn now to the diagnosis of 11,111,113. (Assuming the valve and ignition advance angle adjusted correctly).

 [b] 1. The engine factory, but at idle deaf.
Reason one: sucking air. Where to search? Only the section from the fuel tank to fuel pump. Drip of fuel will not, because in this region (remember?) A small depression, often leak air is detected in the ground connection of pipes to the pump and filter, copper or aluminum strip in this case will be black. Repair - Replacement pads.

  2. The engine will not start. How?! Yesterday, everything is awesome, full tank of fuel ... one reason: clogged fuel filter. Guess you have to do?

  3. Dramatically increased fuel consumption. Reason one: sprung a leak one of the fuel tubes. If a tube of high pressure - only replaced. If low - it can be repaired with a piece of rubber and lug.

  4. Check pulse. Put your fingers on one of the tubes of high pressure. Feel uniform shocks? This "blood" pressure diesel. All tubes shocks should be approximately equal strength. If at least one of them the "pulse" weaker - it's time to adjust the nozzle. "Pulse" is not at all? A needle injector stuck open or half-open position. And if the tube while hot - its corresponding nozzle jammed in the closed position.