How to illuminate the road? Part 3

  How to illuminate the road? Part 3 We put extra lights in the main for beauty, as a "tuning" in what was then the representation. They are never involved, often to them and harness was not connected. Just fashion, inspired by the socialist countries, the Friendship Cup Rally. However, traffic cops mercilessly fined for any lack of conformity with GOST. The driver of the truck in the collective response to the claim inspector just broke off an old tractor lamp and threw into a ditch.

Special transport by that time certainly was equipped with bright lights and light signals, which made him conspicuous on the road at night and day. Little progress in this matter have reached, as always, Americans. They have all the records on equipment brightest lights beat ambulances, outstripping even the fire engines. At the luxurious medkarete performed on the basis of a limousine or a brand Cadillac De Soto, there were dozens of flashing beacons and searchlights with strobe - the entire perimeter of the roof on the front fenders, the bumper, the radiator facing ...

The British and the Germans and the French also tried to keep up, although the Americans to keep up was not easy. And our simple worker even heard of such a luxury. Privilege and race around the left row, we had only the oldest members of the party, as the right to use a particularly powerful spetssignalov. For example, even police cars are not allowed "flashers" on the front bumper, if it was not about cars spetssoprovozhdeniya.

Safety requirements for vehicles is getting tougher. Lighting devices was allotted a section of road traffic regulations in any developed country (for what are among the USSR). Drivers are instructed to carefully check the work lights, marker lights and direction indicators prior to each departure. In Scandinavia, a law was passed, instructing in the winter to keep their headlights turned on the clock. Nowadays, any car in the "northern" version has a special "daylight" lamp.

In America, became mandatory installation of four lights. This prompted the company Rolls-Royce to forgo their traditionalism and start the installation of twin headlamp model Silver Cloud III, and then on the Phantom V. Although it has provided for very conservative customers to install lights in separate conical hull model Silver Reyt. Version with a body of Mulliner cabriolet for the characteristic almond-shaped headlamps became known as Chinese Eye («Chinese Eye"). Traditional clientele of the company reacted to all this is very critical.

But the block-lights, soon appeared in Europe for a long time could not get access to the roads of the New World. By Illumination easiest to identify the car prednazanachenny for the American market. Usually, collectors prefer the Jaguars and Porsches in the European version. By the way, early Jaguar E model different headlights, capping of perspex flush with the body. In the early copies of Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona lights also were closed perspex - transparent plastic aircraft descent. This prototype of Leonardo Fioravanti generally put eight lights - from the front position to the front position. But the American road service threatened to deny certification. Soon after Daytona there were mounted retractable headlights, but at first the "nose" cars made chrome strip, and only then began to paint the front of the same color as the rest of the body. Open GTS/4 Daytona with headlights early model - an exceptional rarity, even though Brezhnev was like it was. At Lamborghini Espada also put four lights, although a fantastic Lamborghini Marzahn there were six. Well, and from fully transparent rising doors the entire length of cabin life forced him to abandon.

Still, the car has a face, and lights - it's eyes. An example of "expressive glance" - the famous Mercedes lights in the form of lancet Gothic arches, designed by Paul Braque. No headlights looks pretty bleak. It can be said of the Bugatti Royale, built for the textile magnate Armand Esdera, and the American Dodge Charger, Chevrolet Camaro and Pontiac GTO.

Inimitable appearance Porsche 911 largely determine exactly round headlights, protruding above the sloping hood, trunk. Tuned version with retractable headlights look menacing, but not cute. Rolls-Royce Silver Spirit with a rectangular block-headlights looks like something not on the Rolls-roysovski. In the case of the Pontiac Fayrberd replacement dual round headlights rectangular radically changed the face of the machine. American muscle-car sports car has a flat 80's in the spirit of the competition from Japan. Such an effect is used tyuningery, placing point headlamps - "crocodile eyes". They can be seen at any public European sedan, tyuninger Walter Shtrozek put them at 911 - in my opinion, for such it must be a tribunal like Nuremberg. But in America reached the point that pose the most futuristic lights on a model 50-ies and even in Roadster prewar production. And it is a wild look on Studebeykere 48-year issue rectangular headlights on Chevrolet 1978 model year.

  How to illuminate the road? Part 3 At the Lincoln are called "French lamp with a lens without a rim, recessed into the body. To replace a bulb in them, you need to crawl under the wheel arch. Progress does not stand still. It seems that soon we will see our vehicle lights, almost invisible when switched off - their lenses, as well as all glass including windshield, will be toned body color. Each lamp consists of a dozen point sources of light, which in various combinations will achieve compliance with any of the standard traffic situations. Operation head lighting will determine the satellite navigation system. In the prototype, Maybach, created by Japanese designers, were just such lights. But soon they will become everyday reality - the specialists group Bosch us this guarantee in the near future.

However, Porsche, demonstrating its capabilities create lighting very bold design, eventually returned to the 911-th model (997 series), the usual round headlights. And lovers of these cars this step only welcome. For lovers of these cars belong to them as living beings. A man prefers to communicate with such a creature that is appealing to look into his eyes.