And where you put your car?

  And where you put your car? How often, coming to his house, I watch the same pattern: an elderly neighbor of his way to the entrance of the gauntlet carefully parked cars on the porch ... Periodically, I see my girlfriend, which appeared to walk with your child in a wheelchair and has been locked ring "iron horses" near the entrance.
 Do you know this picture? How? You do not priparkovyvaetes in the wrong places, and your machine "sleeps" in the parking lot or garage? Then - a low bow to you my dear reader!
 "I have no garage and a private parking space is too expensive", - says one of you. But we buy clothes and do not throw it anywhere, and buy for her wardrobe, buy a TV, and at the same time stand for it, buy the book and a wardrobe for them, etc. So why, buying a car, we do not think about where we put it?
 Obtained 15 years ago in the form of democracy, freedom of our population substituted for permissiveness and boorishness. The most important thing to her (this same part of the population), it was convenient in the morning flit out of the house, make just one tiny shazhochek find yourself in your favorite salon uyutnenkom BMVushechki or Nissanchika. And to think that some old woman there way through the bushes on the street or a young mother with a stroller patiently waiting for their majesty sailed away ...

 Unfortunately, it is unlikely you will be able to see the TV item on this topic. The welfare of our citizens in spite of everything grows by leaps and bounds. Over 80% of households in Moscow have machines (some - not one), so that the problem of pedestrians for most of the capital's population has already ceased to be relevant. But angry reports about "uncontrolled evacuation" and "the evening traffic jams full of all the channels.

 And as all our avtoobschestvennost rioted after the increase in fines for traffic violations! In television news, in analytical programs, special reports during the week, journalists tried to bring to justice the Government for such a draconian measure against accidents offenders. Well, gentlemen, well, funny, really! So you do not break the rules and exorbitant fines "will not pay. What is the problem? And the problem is that we are used to break everything and everywhere and wonder when we are trying to invoke the responsibility for their actions.

But, unfortunately, there are some crimes for which in most cases, drivers are not responsible, although their severity can be equated to murder. Have you ever thought about how many people lost their lives, not waiting for an ambulance, which did not give way unscrupulous motorists? Believe me, these cases are many. They will be less, if each of us in this situation, imagine that this "ambulance" may hasten to our friends, acquaintances, relatives ...
 What am I all about sad? Yes, I remembered a quiet autumn evening, October 2 this year ... there was a fire in the Moscow Institute of State and corporate governance that Vykhino. Killed 6 people. Saw firsthand how people jumped from the windows of a burning building.
Awful spectacle ... The saddest thing is that they can be saved, but firefighters prevented randomly parked cars. Fire truck with a ladder to the building was not able to drive ...

Let us learn from this lesson ...

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