Driving skill is composed of many parts. On some elements of the experience can be judged by ст" />

 How to sit behind the wheel of a car?

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  How to sit behind the wheel of a car? Driving skill is composed of many parts. On some elements of the experience can be judged by стилю езды, а что-то проявляется только в критических ситуациях . But there is a feature that allows us to estimate the driver before he moved.
It's enough to see him sitting in the car.

Car designers are trying to make the seats and controls the car more comfortable for humans. But the average size. The better the model of car, the larger the adjustment of the seats, steering wheel, pedals. But these adjustments have to be able to properly use it. This is also a science, which for some reason never taught. Look at the cadet school car. He almost went to his chest on the steering wheel, pulled his head forward. He feels that because he sees a better way. A trainer has collapsed on a nearby seat and nothing suggests. It is not known, as he still will be sitting behind the wheel.

And the future of the driver already developed habits. Techniques of driving, he will learn, but to get right, will continue to sit. And even learning to mechanically drive a car, will not only to tire quickly, but also a danger on the road. Often in summer you can see the driver sticking out of the window with his elbow. Stay away from him. If the landing is correct - the elbow to the window lacks. Fear and the driver, who is reclining, leaning back seat.

Maybe it would be, ask many? Let everyone sits, as he likes - but would not breach the rules. But security is made up of trifles. Especially with today's heavy traffic. As for the driver is more important - comfort, a sense of machines, ease of management, visibility, less fatigue? Perhaps it all together. How to choose the best option?

What should I do first time sitting in a car? Even if it has a minimum of adjustments.
Find the distance to the pedals. Feet should almost completely straighten itself when pressing the pedal to the end. This makes it easy to use pedals. In this position, lock the seat of its length. Then take both hands on the far end of the steering, stretch back into the seat back and fix it in this position.

If the back is closer, you will be more difficult to 1,111,116. turning the steering wheel [/url] If the next - with a sharp bend steering you have to pull the hand or from him, or break away from the back seat, and she serves as a focus when turning. Even if you have a cheap car with no side protrusions from the back seat - with the emphasis in it you will not move sideways, and you do not pull a wheel. A novice drivers cling to in such cases, the wheel, making it difficult to manage and can lead to accidents. And do not forget to buckle up. Even when the airbag is triggered calculated strapped in and pressed to the back of the driver's seat.

If your car, except seat adjustment up and down and torso are other adjustments, then adjust the seat height, head over to the ceiling was 3.5 centimeters (optimal for review). Or put the extra pillows.
Also adjust the bend back to its mid-horizontal projection was repeating the form of spine. Or hang the appropriate cloak back. Adjustable steering wheel and pedals would more accurately fit the car under him. Do not forget after all the settings to adjust the center and side mirrors. In the expensive cars all of these adjustments are stored for different drivers and automatically installed when they get behind the wheel.

If you are sitting incorrectly - adjust the car under him. And just make sure that the less began to tire, as it became more pleasant to ride. And the fact that it is safer and more efficient - believe me - the driver with 40 years and avtosportsmenu with 10 years experience.