Saves a radar detector from a fine?

  Saves a radar detector from a fine? As mentioned classics, the severity of the laws in Russia offset by not having them. From this year for drivers, this phrase is no longer seemed so immutable. Every motorist has already heard that from 1 January 2008 toughened penalties for violation of traffic regulations. But that's not all. Since the first of July 2008, the traffic police may not have to stop the violator to a fine statement, but just send the receipt for the home owner car, regardless of who was sitting behind the wheel.

Here is a table of penalties for speeding.

Exceeding the speed limit from 20 to 40 km/h - 300 p Penalty.
Exceeding the speed limit from 40 to 60 km/h - Penalty p 1000-1500.
Speeding over 60 km/h - Penalty p 2000-2500. or deprivation of rights from 4 to 6 months.

Draw a small experiment to see how our traffic police prepare for change in the law. As a measuring device we take an ordinary radar detector, which is sold at any auto parts store and the cost of slightly less than a thousand rubles. We draw attention to the fact that the flag was a laser/radar, since most modern radar - laser.

  Saves a radar detector from a fine? Normal radar detector buy The car
We leave on the Moscow Ring Road. Our detector starts beeping. Watch carefully and see the DVR before Lent DPS, everything is normal, the device works. Going further, and then the fun begins. Radar squeaks, but friends recorders on the pillars are not visible. Why? Could so many stray pickup? A little attention, and finally everything fell into place - most of the radar is looking after your car and the radar starts beeping when we actually passed them.

Not bad idea. Even if you have squeaked radar detector, then slow down too late, because you have photographed. And what happens: in Moscow on the ring road radars are almost every two or three kilometers, regardless of the presence or absence of posts DPS. And as to measure the speed look after the car, the radar detector can be left out, you still will not help.

  Saves a radar detector from a fine? DVR on the Moscow Ring Road, is visible at the bottom of the camera, directed, following the flow
Now leave the town. Our path lies along the M4 "Don". Almost straight freeway not disturb our radar detector anywhere except fixed positions DPS, the approach to which we, and so the warning signs. But with Congress on the local roads waiting for me a surprise. A large number of mobile patrols and completely empty highway.

Over 150 miles, I came across five (!) Crews DPS, vigilantly carrying his service, and is not considering fixed positions. However, recall that it was a trip to the holidays, when a patrol out more crews.

Of these, one used the hand speed meter. One of the crew did not use anything except their eyes, and the rest were equipped with DVRs with speedometer, which are easily discernible on the eyes, video cameras on a car windshield. Our detector insistent beeping to warn of the approaching meeting, allowing her to prepare.

  Saves a radar detector from a fine? Even in the depths of traffic police cars are equipped with DVRs
The findings of what they have seen no encouraging for motorists. If you do not want to scrape up one day out of his mailbox pack of summonses, even with a very noticeable numbers, it will finally comply with speed limits, at least in urban areas. But outside the city radar detector can save quite a cab from penalty.