Should the driver drinking? And what if you drank?

  Should the driver drinking? And what if you drank? These questions concern many. Moreover, it always seems that the machine is controlled not worse. And to go on four wheels better and more stable than walking on two legs.

So many people try to calm themselves and to deceive the cops, taking pills antipolitsaya or chewing anything else. However antipolitsay not sober, and his smell still arouse suspicion, if you stop. Alcohol dehydrates the body yet, and exhaled water vapor, falling on a cold windshield, condense. To traffic cops do not see it blurred and did not stop, include glass blowing hot air. And the heat even more relaxing.

Is alcohol so bad for the driver? Here is an example from my own experience. Once when I was doing motorsport, we combined team of Tatarstan on the all-round car, practicing before the next trip to the competition.
One type of avtomonogoborya - speed maneuvering, otherwise called the figure driving. It is necessary to time perform 10 pieces, limited props with flags. Some of these figures, a simplified and enlarged, and spend driving school students at the training sites.

After some training, we went to lunch. Of course, without drinks. When we returned to the platform, while passing the distance we all have declined by about 30%. And they often touch the rack. And we thought that we manage the machines in the same way as before. And it is only after the usual lunch! All this is useful to take into account during the daily ride in the morning, afternoon, or simply tired state. I will not write here what happens after the adoption of alcohol. And so everybody understands.

But sometimes a drink driver. What to do after? This is better to think up. Unequivocally, the wheel will land is not desirable. The car is better to leave, and then for her to return. In big cities there is a service - the driver on call. Arrives and the driver sits behind the wheel for you, lucky you, where to specify. He puts the car in the yard, parking, or to you in the garage. Typically, this driver is accompanied by the machine, which take him to the next order. If a garage far, they are brought up to your door at home. I once took advantage of this and was very pleased. Pay a bit more than a taxi for the same distance.

And when the same can be to drive? There are many ways of calculation. One simple I read 40 years ago in "Behind the wheel, and he gave me never fails. The driver, whose weight is 75 kg, eroding about 20 grams of vodka in an hour. If you drink 100 grams - get behind the wheel after 5 hours. In larger body mass may be get behind the wheel a little early, with less - this evening. Drinks another castle converted to a fortress of vodka. A lot of discussion that it is better for those hours - awake or rested? I myself did not notice much difference. On the one hand, physical activity, alcohol is processed faster, but after sleep feel rested.

In conclusion, I will tell an interesting story. I was about 20 years, and every day I went to the car. On the way to our garden plot had to be the last kilometer and a half drive along the forest road. And I have often seen returning from the university, that the clearing is the machine of a neighbor - a man aged about 50. In the end, I could not keep curiosity. He stopped beside him and asked, as in the famous movie: "Uncle Yuri, you - a spy?". It turned out that he really wanted to drink. The city can not - it is dangerous, and can stop the traffic police. When you reach - to drink will not let his wife. He stopped, bit did not get there. GAI behind, and his wife nothing can be done.