How to love helps automotive designers to create masterpieces?

  How to love helps automotive designers to create masterpieces? Paul Marriage was fascinated by the new work. All forms have already been identified in the sketches, and now he sculpted life-size model. No matter what the skeptics, the creation of cars - great art, and automobile designer feels no less sense than the creators of the famous works of world classics. Moreover, Paul Braque inspired love.

Her name was Alice. It was at the carnival. Paul, dressed in Russian costume "man", drank champagne and kissed all the ladies. And then went past the table it ...

He looked for her for several weeks. I went through the streets, having no plan of action. And one colleague Bruno Sacco called and said: "I just saw her in the bakery. Hurry up, maybe have time. "

He succeeded.

Soon was completed over the first prototype convertible Mercedes W111. Amazingly beautiful car was manufactured by hand in the experimental shop - equipment for its release just created. On Sunday, Paul rang the doorbell to Bruno Sacco - his colleague, who headed the design studio Mercedes prior to the 90's. It was 7 am. Bruno came out in his pajamas, he gave the keys and said only: "Look, do not dirty".

And with Alice Paul went to the lake. They are so engrossed in conversation that did not see how the wheels turned the swamp and the only instance in which it has invested so much money and effort, started slowly, but surely it sink. Fortunately, the wheels quickly found some firmament, but the village car thoroughly. Pull it succeeded only in the evening. And then Paul and Alice together washed it to the next morning, Monday, the officers learned about this fun outing. But on this day, Paul made a proposal to Alice.
For a Mercedes convertible and coupe issue related to the upper class and the highest standards of comfort, at that time was a necessity. After all, Mercedes was looking for a very secured and at the same time having a good taste of the customers, and among them many preferred elegant cars whose owners look good behind the wheel. These people want to enjoy every trip and love to make road trips in good weather. Paul Marriage managed to create a beautiful car, excellent fits their tastes. He gave him a big silhouette slender than the base sedan. This was achieved using a long hood and trunk. Also, the body had a lower height of waist line. Even then, Mercedes practiced the creation of completely original body for such models, none of the panel which had not been borrowed from the base sedan. Convertible was very elegant and had a luxurious interior finish and gave the impression of a very smart things, intended for a beautiful life.