Which cars are used by professionals? Part 1.

Which cars are used by professionals? Part 1. In ancient times, as a rule, patients were taken to hospital only if considered absolutely hopeless, they went there to die, so the hospital transport is a miserable hearse or van, covered with dilapidated dirty tarpaulin. Similarly, look first cars designed for transportation of patients. More Americans have distinguished themselves - for transportation of patients, they used the electric vans, which are usually transported criminals from the police station to prison and from prison to court. Even mortally wounded President McKinley had to use so unpresentable crew.

Which cars are used by professionals? Part 1. Solid American medkareta chassis LaSalle. But the situation changed over the years, irrelevant statement "die, poor thing, if ill," have appeared normal comfortable, clean hospitals instead of barracks for the dying. And the ambulances began to speed and smooth on the move, so as not to shake the patients on the road. The more that medical science has learned that, for example, a man with a fracture of the spine to take caution. Medkarety have to do on the chassis of expensive limousines such as Mercedes, Rolls Royce and Cadillac. If an individual such a machine is not cheap, the hospital or health department of the city could go to such expense.

Corpsmen have to wear a uniform with brass buttons and cap with piping. This was explained by the fact that in Germany, for example, have been militarized all municipal services - and the firemen, and postmen. But in America the service of fire protection, medical care and the police long before the war were united in one structure. And we have under Stalin office by any government organization developed a large semi-official, whether it is a network of grocery stores, cafeterias, ice cream parlors, public baths, or hairdressers. This was in late stagnation cleaners invented the art of wearing all sorts of old clothes and washing floors to bring home the remains of his own overcoat, and they have always had blue robes on the form, official buckets, mops, and gently cut mat for floor washing and boxes of sawdust . As employees of various city services were held extensive training and learn to use modern technology, attitude toward them has changed dramatically. Any such person was considered a professional, respectively, and special operations in the West, often referred to as a professional.

Which cars are used by professionals? Part 1. Emergency services in the West - this is serious. It is believed that the ambulances, which we sometimes see in old movies used on the front. In fact, at the front of the wounded were taken on conventional lorry body which was in the best case is covered with a tarpaulin. However, ambulances at the front, too, could be found, but it was a machine, mobilized the civil service. Just as the front took everything to buses, and after the war several years treated lorry in which the body was placed benches.

By the way, the experience of labor-intensive manufacturing bodies for buses are not wasted and was used for all sectors of the economy. For example Moscow depot where it was established to manufacture truck chassis elegant buses, as in the case could make a beautiful van with painted sides, in which chickens ice cream was very convenient to go to the grocery store on Gorky Street, before the revolution belonged to the merchant with the infamous name. In the same manner to build and coach, ambulance, not only for humans but for sick animals, then what was true, as taxis and garbage trucks are often used horse traction. The horse laid on a stretcher, wrapped in a blanket and through the winch hauled in a nice sleek body.

Which cars are used by professionals? Part 1. Horse "soon." These luxury cars worked primarily in large cities, although the completion of the fleet vehicles of the latest systems older could float on the periphery. For example in 1927 in Paris, Moscow City Council has purchased 400 black taxis of Reno. After 5 years in the Soviet Union has begun mass production of Soviet Ford - GAS-A. Immediately they fill all of Moscow taxi stations, and Reno went to the province, where, and served on the wear until dispersed. When replacing GAS-A came M1, the outdated model was removed from use in all organizations and even private owners, since there were not many, and advised on the old rydvanah the streets not to go. This led again to a large number of GAS-A in small towns and farms.

Which cars are used by professionals? Part 1. Custom Victory. I must say that before the war in the Soviet institutions were a lot of solid and elegant Packard, Buick and Hudson. After the war, some of them remained on the balance sheet, among them were even cars that remained on the front. But the Soviet auto industry has reported on the latest launch vehicle M20 Pobeda, and foreign cars began almost forced to withdraw from the agencies that are not paying attention to the pressing state landfills, and instead of at public expense to give garages Victory. There were many cars that came from the front as trophies handed over to the Allies during the war, to go on them was more interesting than to win, but Soviet officials are not recommended. They found an outlet, ordering him to submit to the entrance of the Winter - collective image of Cadillac, Buick and Hudson Commodore.

A large proportion Zimov was in the service of public health. Many children in consciousness embodied everyday scenes loading the patient on a stretcher into the car through the trunk lid. Incidentally, in this way were built and medical victory, but at much smaller length of them had to remove the right front seat, and then the stretcher rose only obliquely.

Which cars are used by professionals? Part 1. Seagull ad-hoc appointment - in recent years been used only as a hearse. Ordinary Soviet citizen, if he happened to get sick, he could ride on ZiSe. Sanitary ZIS has a wide rear hatch easy, so it could put pregnant women, aircrew health Zimov prohibited performance instruction.

On the basis of ZIS sometimes did and hearses. But they were not in a funeral procession, and to deliver the deceased from the hospital morgue to relatives. But there already do what you want, even the sled drag the coffin to the cemetery. Or in the tram, if the conductor kindly get.