What to do with transit plates on the car?

  What to do with transit plates on the car? In a previous article we reviewed the issue of qualifications violations for driving 1,111,112. without license plates [/url] .

 If the state registration signs all clear, the issues with transit plates, very, very much. Let's try to understand, because of the lack of signs of "transit" and for the administration of vehicle with expired signs inspector frequently attracted to Part 2 of Article 12.2.

 As is known, the state registration plates are issued on the basis of the procedure of registration of the car and setting it on the record. Since such a procedure the driver, who received transit does not pass, registration marks are legally absent.

   However, the sane violation based on the fact that the existing special products "TRANSIT" was not installed properly on the windows of the car or was overdue. In this case, you should pay attention to the fact that the "transit" does not belong to the category of state license plates, and are 11,111,114. to the category of special products, [/b] to which also include:
- Certificate of technical means;
- Certificate of registration;
- Pass the TRP;
- State registration plates.

    The state registration plates are classified as special products, as well as "transit", but are 1,111,118. different in its purpose [/i] .

   The Supreme Court of Russia in his explanation said that 1,111,118. "Signs" Transit "are issued on the machine, temporarily admitted to the traffic and to obtain permanent state license plates. Therefore, in the case of driving with an expired registration marks "Transit driver may be held administratively liable under Article 12.1 of the Code of Administrative Offences, and not under Article 12.2 of Part 2 of the Code of Administrative Offences." [/i]

The same applies to the management of the available but not installed signs. Delay "transit" is actually equivalent to their absence, respectively, the punishment must be equivalent.

     In the review of jurisprudence for the first quarter of 2006, states: according to the requirement of state standard, the vehicle must be equipped with two state registration of the mark in specified places. Part 2 of Article 12.2 of the Code of Administrative Offences provides for responsibility for the management of the two cars without license plates. The absence of a registration plate does not constitute administrative violations of Part 2 of the above article. Given that one of the license plates available for review, the offense should be classified under Part 1 of Article 12.2KoAP RF.

As you can see, we are in the review is solely on state license plates of cars permitted to participate in traffic on an ongoing basis.

   There is another important point about 11,111,114. Installation transits [/b] . Let us turn to the installation of state license plates and special products "TRANSIT". The state registration plates are installed in a particular manufacturer's site, and their attachment shall be in accordance with the order, as envisaged by the producer, based on GOST.

   Requirements, Standards, and guests on installing or fixing special products "transit" does not exist, because of what it is not clear as to what their attachment to the glass. I asked this question IDPS, as well as a judge, but received no answer. When sweating windows in winter special products "transit" within one or two days will be destroyed. Mounting tape and other materials not provided, but their use entails damage to special products, as well as details of the car. How the law would have to be to do with that special products? In regulatory documents answer to this question is no.

lments offenses under Part 2 st.12.2 - intentional removal of numbers, so it was not possible to identify the car. If a driver intentionally removed license plates, the failure of "lack of numbers" arose and exploitation is prohibited. In the case of transit is not part of the offense in the above article Because:

- "Transit" are not state registration signs, namely, they referred to in st.12.2.2 Code of Administrative Offences;
- No specified by the manufacturer, GOST, normative documents and rules for installation of mounting "transit".