Can a new car worth $ 2000? Pluses and minuses "Nano"

Can a new car worth $ 2000? Pluses and minuses "Nano" It turns out, can. Model "Nano", developed by an Indian company Tata Motors, at the moment is cheapest car in the world and stands (in a minimal configuration and pre-tax) 1 979 dollars or 100 000 rupees.

One of the reasons why the "Nano" is so cheap is that Tata Motors demanded by suppliers of parts to change the design of each of the parts used for the "Nano", so that they continue to meet the requirements for performance, but would require less material in their production and, consequently, would cost less.

Another reason for such low cost - the most of stripped-down minimal equipment. It lacks air conditioning, radio, power steering and air bags. However, all these "extra" options that can be added at the request of the buyer, to the same politics Tata Motors is a guarantee of compliance with minimum safety standards of each country, which will be imported "Nano".

Spare tire and fuel tank are located in the front, and the battery - under the driver's seat. Engineers Tata Motors had two aims in creating "Nano": a spacious lounge and a good balance (and as a consequence - manageability). There remains, however, an open question how such a rather non-standard layout affected the maintainability of the vehicle.

Of the benefits of "Nano" can be noted:

1) low fuel consumption - not more than 5 liters per 100 kilometers;
2) are traditionally lower costs for small cars (compare, for example, the cost of replacing all four wheels - Tyre And disks - to 14-and 17-inch wheels. In some countries, the annual tax on a car depends on its weight. Shestisotkilogrammovaya "Nano" will fall into the lower category of such a tax);
3) ecology: CO2 emissions of 110 g/km, which is lower than that of larger motorcycles - two-cylinder engine "Nano" in volume 624 cc and a power of 33 hp corresponds to the standard Euro-4 ";
4) rather large capacity for a car of this class - at a length of 3,1 m, width 1,5 m and a height of 1,6 m "nano" specification is a 5-seater car.

On the other hand, is unlikely, even in spite of its cheapness, "Nano" will gain great popularity in the former USSR:
1) for psychological reasons. A car is strongly associated with the status of the owner. Here the experience of "Okie" can be revealing. Women in this case a bit easier - they, in principle, "allowed" to ride through the city on the small machine, the public opinion's pretty well;
2) to climatic reasons. Even a glance at the photograph "Nano" is enough to understand that nothing good on its operation in the Russian winter can not expect.

So the verdict is: this machine for students and unpretentious ladies to ride in the summer in the city ("Nano" is accelerated to 100 mph in 23 seconds, so pass on such a machine truck on a country road - not a good idea, especially if air conditioning, because in this case is part of the engine power is directed to its service).