Who has the right to cancel the SDA on the examination site?

  Who has the right to cancel the SDA on the examination site? What is required of the driver, except the ability to drive a car? If you think you need to know the principle of the internal combustion engine, then you are deeply mistaken. The driver may not be able to pump up the wheel - this is his personal business. But the strict observance of traffic rules - is not so much, and not only personal but purely social.

Failure to observe traffic rules is fraught with a traffic accident, neglect of the rules creates 1,111,112. insecurity [/url] on the road, confuses other road users.

A simple example. The driver of a car exiting the parking lot near the supermarket and saw that another car is going to drive this car park - signals corresponding turn signal, the machine slows down ... A driver who is preparing to leave, immediately moves off - especially if the entrance to the parking lot is sufficiently narrow ( but it's not so unusual about local shops), wanting not only faster to go about their business, but give place are entering the car. A machine that struggles turn signals, calmly going straight. Naturally, there is a very close acquaintance who personally bumper car with a wing or door, or across the board immediately of the car, which had not entered the parking lot.

 When explaining the "Who's to blame?" Proves that the driver is so actively signalyaschego car parking and is not intended. He would just turn at the intersection. However, to the intersection for at least another 300-400 meters, but the driver claims that "pre-filed a turn signal." So this is creating a dangerous situation on the road through the confusion of other road users. At such a distance to the intersection turn signal does not apply, the more so that there are other twists and congresses from the road, except for the intersection. "Harmless" traffic violations (fines, then what, just in advance signaled ") leads to a rather large account in the repair shop.

But it is - plain stupidity. And sometimes it's "normal" foolhardiness And direct contempt SDA. Sometimes traveling through a red light, turn or rotate through a continuous centerline and many other violations of the rules for a simple description of which we would need more than one article, but a whole collection of works, the size of no less than the Great Soviet Encyclopedia.

Strictly speaking, this is what I am ... for the exam on the right. To the instructor, which complains of a certain category of examinees. For a start - a little story that happened several years ago at the examination site of our Gorgan.

With graduates PICs going to pass tests on category C and D - control trucks and buses. Students gathered in a circle on the sidelines and waited for the examiner - traffic cop, of course. In the most lyrical of the chapter sequence test to a group of students ran up the truck and ran into a trot after a major.

"So, guys, a quick climb into the back, go to another site. There are now very much want to, until the night is not right "- said the major, heavily panting and wiping his sweaty face rather dirty handkerchief. "Guys" began to grumble. Shaking in a truck in an unknown direction they did not like - choose from there then. "Quickly, quickly, do not hold! - Business-like command of Major. - Who would not go - automatically put nezachet "- and he triumphantly waved a bundle of exam sheets.

The students, continuing to grumble, climbed into the back. All except one. That single - a young man about 20 or less, still standing on the sidelines. "And you that a specific invitation is required?" - Roared the Major. Cadet dull voice, explained that he was in the back is not going as well as 1,111,116. SDA [/url] prohibit the transportation of people, especially in the city, in an open truck, not adapted for such purpose. In response, followed by a totally illegitimate Major phrase that meant to ensure that there is nothing to fear, as the Major himself would go on the same truck and the car will not stop anybody. And the other machine, adapted for the carriage of persons, no. So - either that, or did in any way. Zero effort.

Comrades, the young man signaled to him from the body in sign language was explained that the anger of Major absolutely should not, and should take advantage of the situation, then the exam will be much easier. The young man continued to 1,111,118. abut [/url] .

"So ... - handed Major. - You all - quickly get out of the body. Yes, faster, do not delay. You - nezachet. And you, - he turned to the young man - let's go to the site. On Injured cries failed drivers whose meaning was "Well, you yourself told us!", Major, slyly grinning, replied that - yes, he said, but the SDA someone from the group read? Or so passed them? And if you read, then there should have been deducted, that anyone can say and what you like, but the rules still required to comply. In full. Is that except in special, extreme cases. The trip is to another site to recognize the extreme case can not.

History of the second. Occurred many years ago, when I yield to the right . However, these stories happen and so far - amazing, but how many people who have never heard of provocations examiners!

The situation was - too easy. During the obligatory tour of the city, when the exam is successfully coming to an end, traffic cop, the examiner suddenly yelled: "Stop! Turned around! ". My question is - where everything is burning, he explained that on the other side of the street is a grocery, and his wife asked him to buy milk, it is the same - completely forgot. Now until the end of the day it does not break out for milk at home waiting for a frightful scandal, and all cases something: to turn around and drive to the store, he quickly buys the milk and then put my exam. A small clarification - in the place shone dazzlingly double solid line .

When I said that through a continuous axial deployed only suicide, traffic cop said he is "here and there, no one is fined not stop." In short, do not worry, all the way! Luckily, I had the brains to get ahead to the crossroads and turn around there - as it should be. It's amazing, but the need for milk immediately disappeared, and we quietly went back to the site. Where I got her a legitimate set-off. Then I was told that three-quarters of my group PICs failed to "milk test".

The history of the third. Examination playground. Car. Behind the wheel - a man, eager to get right, that is - examinees. On the passenger seat and plunks himself examiner says: "Let's go." A student does not move. "What are you standing?" - Curious traffic cop. "I'm waiting for you pristegnete belt" - honestly looking sincere blue eyes, is responsible cadet. "Fuck you ... I train traffic cop!" - Howled examiner. The scandal because of 11,111,114. belt [/url] lasted for about twenty minutes. In the course were unprintable arguments and threats "nezacheta" almost a lifetime. It all ended so that did not have to drive anywhere - credit was spotted on the spot. Of the group of trainees 'test harness' were just two.