How dealers make a fool of our brother?

  How dealers make a fool of our brother? Few would deny that, in any case, the new machine better than the old. Thus, at least, was until recently. But in recent years, lawyers organizations involved in the protection of consumer rights, states an interesting fact - a significant increase in complaints about the quality of brand-new Car . Their number reaches 5-6% of the total number of calls for help, and tends to increase.

In an effort to win the hearts of customers and dealers and manufacturers increase the warranty period. Often this is the usual marketing ploy, not backed by improving the quality of the goods.

"Do not be fooled - not sell - as the saying goes. Modern 1,111,114. Vendors 11,111,115. vehicles have successfully used the folk wisdom in their work. What a bunch of guarantee is stipulated additional conditions prescribed in the contract small print already, probably, most buyers have learned and know what is fraught with a slight delay in the visit to the corporate service for another service or forced to a third-party repair stations.

Special chic for modern merchant - Provisional Government product with a flaw, and then, despite promises made in the warranty, not repair it under any circumstances. How can this be?

Method first. Delaying repairs
Everybody knows that repairs cars may be no more than two weeks. This term in itself considerable, especially for buyers who had to not only walk, but also pay with a combined 1,111,116. Loan [/url] considerable sums.

Suffering vehicle owner little interest in the dealer. The repair period can be stretched them almost indefinitely in the absence of spare parts. It does not matter that the automotive parts such as black berries. While the manufacturer will send a request until the send part. And the most interesting: Who controls this process?

Not everyone can endure months of waiting, sometimes "lucky winner" of the new car spits on all purchases spare on the side, and deprived of further 1,111,118. Use [/url] .

Method Two. Repair undocumented
Each entry in the car repair must be done an act of transfer and acceptance, and each repair - purchase order. But in branded stations do not like, saying their actions alleged by some special status of warranty repair.

Owners of cars obediently harassed to deceive, and even are satisfied, if Repair does not take much time. Insight comes after the 5 th (10 th, 20 th) visit to the same subject. At a legitimate question: "How can guys? Is it time to give me back my money and pick up your trash? "Should be an innocent reply:" What money? You're with us for the first time asked! ".

The third way. Denying the obvious
This is when the defect is, but experts corporate service not see it. And if you do not see the impossible, then charged with a defect of the driver or some third force. For example, about the shortcomings of refinishing argue that this is a consequence of strikes pebbles on the road.

By the way, corrosion 11,111,112. 11,111,115 colors. - The most common cause of complaints. Of all the "otfutbolennyh" seekers of truth with such a disaster familiar about half. In this regard, I would recommend, regardless of cost, immediate access to independent experts.

For example, in Minsk, none of the owners of cars with defective color of the body did not get an expert opinion in favor of frauds with the warranty. If after the dealer jib, then the next step - going to court to appoint a forensic examination.

Method fourth. "Look for the wind in the field"
Become a seller car quite easily, would have the means and desire. That is what is just, will to work seriously and permanently, often not enough. 11,111,114 newly-founded. Dealer 11,111,115. sells a lot fell to him on the occasion of the car, and then claims self-destruction. To whom now seek to guarantee? The manufacturer? Certainly, and this happens, but more often simply forget about the warranty.