Snowmobile: Toys for the rich or an assistant? Models and Features

Snowmobile: Toys for the rich or an assistant? Models and Features There are all the competitions on snowmobiles will not see on TV: and race through the mountains, and through the mud and water, and jumping over obstacles (including the narrow road and buses). "Courageous athletes" are dying in avalanches, break the spine, mutilate, falling under the tracks of their own machines.

All these, as they used to say, "grimaces of capitalism", it would seem, clearly indicate that the snowmobile - just a toy. Dangerous and 1,111,112. expensive toy [/url] for those who can afford it.

But the scenes from everyday life of the Eskimos, Canadian farmers and trappers, Arctic explorers, biologists, geologists, and other "uninteresting" (in terms of TV) people show much less. But none of these subjects is not without snowmobiles, which are no longer worn, roaring uprated engines, and quietly pull the sledges with the necessary goods. Here they clearly seem indispensable aid people.

In fact, what is the alternative snowmobile in snowy areas? If you do not consider all-terrain vehicles and helicopters, which clearly can not afford an individual, there remain only dog sleds.

But reread 1,111,114. Jack London [/url] about the life of sled dogs. All the short winter day to escape, wiping paws in the blood, the long night of conduct in the snow, covered tail. Eating once a day - rotten dried fish, but even if the neighbors are not taken away. A little something - a whip. Not pleased the leader - will break. Exhausted - you go to feed the rest of the dogs. If the finished food - you eat the most hosts. In our humane century can hardly find a man capable of so torturing animals. And if such a sadist and there, then there exists a law on the protection of animals ...

Of course, the dog races are held in our days, but these dogs are brought onto the track in luxury jeeps, fed special foods, and at the end of the race rubbing towel. And the team is such dogs more snowmobile.

That I do write about foreign countries. In Russia, as always, on his way. There are no laws to protect animals or sled dogs, or snowmobile racing. But there are snowmobiles. And, perhaps more than in the West. But before we talk about the importance of snowmobiles in our snow country, I must digress and tell a little about the construction of snowmobiles.

Snowmobiles are divided into two large 11,111,126. Categories 11,111,127. :
1. Snowmobiles on one track and two skis;
2. Snowmobiles "Buran".

The first category includes all import snowmobiles Regardless of their destination. This also encompasses the domestic crafts, imitating Western models: "Lynx" and "Taiga" . About them, we will not say

These snowmobiles are in the front two skis, with the help of which you can turn to "rule", that is, to manage snowmobile. Behind one is a caterpillar, the purpose of which - the moving snowmobile forward. If you do not take domestic models, all snowmobiles first category are, as Car middle class, have motors over 100 horsepower and many "freaks" such as heated grips, heated foot and other things. Accordingly, and their repair will be comparable to foreign car repairs. It is clear that in our conditions, such toys can afford only the rich. And only a few of them will break his Yamaha and Bombardier, rolling in the mud or jumping over buses. They ride in Krylatskoe, on similar and on the other roller coasters, driving cross-country skiers and snowboarders. Or take the house and chase rabbits in the fields there.

Advantages 11,111,127. Snowmobile first category:

1. The immense pleasure of driving. Snowmobile zero to 100 kilometers or more per hour, and his suspension like a good machine. Obstacles are virtually non-existent, snowmobile rides through the snow, on ice, crosses jokingly highways with deep gutters, climbs up the hill at an angle of 45 degrees and so on;

2. Hands and feet do not freeze, you can ride even without gloves.

[b] Disadvantages
Snowmobile first category:

1. If one pair of skis hooked behind a tree or a bush or a mile pole, then the accident is inevitable;

2. One track, no matter how wide and long, even in fresh and deep snow buried (especially given the high turnover powerful engine) and buries the whole snowmobile, putting him "on the belly. At this point without a shovel or tug not get out, because the first type of snowmobile weighs no less than four pounds - does not pull his hands;

3. Last time on snowmobiles began to pay attention to traffic police and other police. They require a registration certificate, the right to manage (for some reason the tractor), the availability of license plates. This creates great difficulties for the ride on snowmobiles first type, as sober they rarely ride.

But enough talk about import snowmobiles. Let's talk about this, native.

This snowmobile "Buran" . Made with small modifications to the mid-fifties of last century. Outwardly, it looks like some kind of tailed boxes, painted yellow or red-brown color. When the factory, produces an incredible noise (not prevent ear plugs), and wraps all around the suffocating cloud of bluish-white smoke.

Snowmobile: Toys for the rich or an assistant? Models and Features However, it should sit on him and set off the smoke thins out and left behind, crashing too, seemed to lag behind, and now you "rush" on the snowy terrain with a speed of 40 km/hour.

Hurry, you do not want to, because suspension is almost completely absent. Shock absorber is just the snow under the tracks - if the snow layer is large enough (knee), then riding a fairly comfortable, if it snows enough, or you take the worn smooth road, you have to reset the rate, or stand on his feet and knees absorb the bumps.

Structurally, "Buran" differs from all other snowmobiles in the world that he has two great tracks behind, and one ski in front. This is a huge advantage when riding in a dense forest - you can break into any outright thicket, crushing bushes and fallen trees, unless, of course, are not afraid to break the windshield and scratched his face. Glass, by the way, beats often, as is made of plexiglass, so the workers' Buranov "it is often replaced by a piece of plywood or corrugated iron with remnants of the old glass on the very top.