Snowmobile: Toys for the rich or an assistant? Buran

  Snowmobile: Toys for the rich or an assistant? Buran Let us examine this " miracle of domestic machinery .

  Disadvantages snowmobile "Buran":
1. Poor maneuverability. Two snowmobile tracks are not differential, so the rotation is possible only on the slippery snow, when one of the tracks is slipping, or the method of the tram, with a slope of a snowmobile in the direction of rotation. If a passenger sitting behind you, then he should also bend with you. On the bare ground (for example, when drive "Buran" on the summer park) turn impossible and you have to enter the "nose" in the right direction;
2. "Buran" Plant with a manual cable. Must be a strong man to do it. Women can not do it, so the owner of a snowmobile is looking at the weaker sex down;
3. "Buran" consumes an incredible amount of gasoline with a mixture of 82 oil - about 30 liters per 100 km, and with the load and even more;
4. Exhaust from "Burana" is carried out in the snow next to the right caterpillar sitting on a snowmobile it does not feel, but a passenger stranded in a sleigh, it risks choking, if not sit facing against the direction of motion;
5. When moving along a fairly steep slope "Buran" seeks to overturn, so in this case have to go with one foot on the "top" running board, and the other bent at the knee, based on the seat. So keep your weight rider snowmobile from tipping, but if he still tipped over, jump off up the slope, not a snowmobile.
Enough of the shortcomings, otherwise you will not understand why the "Buran" is so popular and loved by the people.
 [b] Advantages 1,111,119. snowmobile "Buran":
1. Absolute permeability. On the "Buran" you slowly drive through with the goods in a half-ton, where dig all odnogusenichnye snowmobiles and sled dogs die from exhaustion.
Two great tracks "Burana" create such a small pressure on the surface on which the move that you can safely travel on thin ice, which does not survive the gravity of man. When driving in deep snow, if you stop and try to get back on his snowmobile trail, then fail on his knee, so little compacted snow. But if you come on this track the next day, you will be able to walk on it as on the wide path, no falling as snow during the night smerznetsya and forms a reliable way. Hence, the second dignity;
2. "Buran" is indispensable for the construction of footpaths, rolling roads, trails. I managed to roll one way through the open field to give to the route so that later you can use a car. In order to clean the footpaths on the site easier to get on them at the "Buran";
3. On flat terrain but is on his own trail "Buran" pull a sledge weighing a ton (though he weighs 350 kg). It is hard to believe, but the whole trick here is to start moving the goods from the place. (Similar problems with the locomotive, which touches of dozens of times heavier than himself.) And on the virgin snow load half a ton on good sledge is quite accessible. With such a burden I overclock well, confidently crossed the narrow highway with steep descent and bare asphalt;

4. Maintainability. The design of "Burana" is so simple and devoid of anything superfluous, that it can be repaired in the woods at twenty below, having multiple wrench , A screwdriver and the most "fragile" parts: candles, belt, transformer and switch the ignition. If you burned a snowmobile engine, then in the woods it is certainly not otremontiruesh, but if you really managed to do it, you now manage to deliver a snowmobile on the base;

5. Defective "Buran" The plant at any temperature, and with the first or second attempt. It was his unique ability is inexplicable, there is apparently some sort of random structural features, since the rest of the domestic motor, from the Saw "Friendship" and ending with the same snowmobiles "Lynx", is famous for the difficulty of running, especially in extreme cold.

I could easily make a "Buran" and at thirty below - just for the sake of the experiment, so how to ride a snowmobile in such a frost can not.

Snowmobile "Buran", despite its shortcomings, is very popular in our country. And if you never saw them again, then you probably have not climbed out of their city on his own house. In the Russian North - in the Arkhangelsk and Vologda, Komi, Karelia, в Сибири, на Дальнем Востоке, Якутии , Chukotka, Kamchatka - Snowmobile is in every other country house. So it was still under Soviet rule, although "Buran" was and still is not a cheap pleasure. Many have a few snowmobiles have recently begun to appear more comfortable, "Lynx" and "Taiga", but "Buran" is required - at least in order to deliver renounced wind up in the middle taiga "Lynx" under the paternal roof.

Watching on television coverage of expeditions on icebreakers to the North Pole, along the underwater Lomonosov Ridge, on the removal of the polar station North Pole, always see busily scurrying "Buran", busy. Is it possible that such respectable organizations, existing public expense, not enough money to import snowmobiles? After all, in their ministries, they are not on the "Volga" ride. No, it's not the point. Just in the expedition people go to work, and not to skate, so the technique of choosing a reliable and unpretentious, though noisy and uncomfortable.

  Snowmobile: Toys for the rich or an assistant? Buran Когда я переехал из города на дачу на постоянное жительство, то испытывал постоянные трудности с проездом от трассы к собственному дому. Наш поселок только начинал строиться, зимой в нем, кроме нас, жила лишь чета старичков. Дорогу расчищать приходилось за свой счет, а заметало ее бесплатно и очень быстро. Поэтому мы с женой решились приобрести снегоход, чтобы можно было как-то добраться до ближайшего магазина, почты и больницы. В выборе модели я не сомневался, так как не раз бывал в Карелии - Only the "Buran". What a pleasure to us this faithful assistant! We drove on it and the water from the spring, and firewood from the forest, and products from the store, paved circular path for walking and the road through the village.

Residents of neighboring towns were amazed at the unbelievable technique and called it for some reason "sled". A few years later - lo and behold - in the neighboring village also appeared snowmobile, then there and there ...