How to safely park your car?

  How to safely park your car? We love your car, take care of its good and we want as long as possible to keep intact. And regardless of whether new or used car from us, domestic or foreign car, whether the policy "casco" or not, fresh scratches and dents do not add a good mood and we did not decorate the body of our car.

It is doubly a shame when such "scars" not obtained during attempts to maneuver or control the complexity 1,111,112. traffic jams [/url] , And while our iron friend in a parking lot or parking lot. Let's see, that will help us to keep the car safe and will not worry for his safety during our absence.

We do not wish to talk about the possibility of theft, this topic is popular enough, and disclosed, we are interested to take the car in the form in which we left it. For this we must know what hazards may threaten the parked car and how to interfere with their appearance. So, the trouble can be expected from 1,111,114. tow 1,111,119. Other vehicles, natural phenomena (eg, hail or strong wind) and of course, people.

Evacuators usually can appear suddenly and for a very short time to load and take away your property. This will most likely places where a ban on parking and stopping vehicles. Therefore, if you observe the rules, this case will not face.

A much greater danger may be other machines that are performing maneuvers in the immediate vicinity of your car, can inadvertently cause damage. In this connection, parking along the roadway, pay attention to road conditions. Do not dwell on the outer curvature of turns, at the entrance to and exit from businesses in close proximity to public transport, unloading landing stages in front of shops. Keep in mind that the trucks have other, different from the cars and the trajectory of motion, and try to figure that out when choosing 1,111,116. area for parking [/url] .

When choosing a place at sites of shopping centers or stores, keep in mind it is safe to open the door not only to his car, but also those who stand beside him. Sometimes it is better to get away from the entrance than with bated breath to see how the passing of your favorite wheeled carts loaded.

Leaving the car on the street, always inspect the surrounding area: the icicles on the roof, suspiciously tilted wood, rusted billboard dumpsters near prompt that you must choose a safe place to park. And if you have a choice, try to get under the "look" video, which is now in many places. You can also ask, what is the car. If the water supply under the wheel sunroof, then maybe nothing will happen, but in case of sudden repairs your car will want not "kind" to move.

In choosing a stopping point should always be taken into account the human factor. If by chance bar the walkway, forcing people to jump over mud puddles or snow drifts, then someone could easily sweep aside their displeasure at the car, scratched the paint or otherwise avenged his master. Similarly, do not block the exits of garages, yards, or prop up other vehicles, when you are not sure that they will not go. A defining be thought: "And I will not disturb anyone?". Just in case, can be put under glass paper with her phone number.

Do not forget about your safety. If I have to pick up the car late at night, do not leave it 1,111,118. 1111119 in deserted places. . Try to park under the lights. If no one is quite dark and, pay and ride 200 meters in a taxi, ask the driver to shine you, until you sit in your car.

 But probably best to leave car at the guarded parking fee, which, of course, can also happen but trouble, at least, will be with someone to ask. And do not forget to take a check or receipt - this is your document, which you can show this parking their claims or go to court.