Is it easy to realize the dream? Preston Tucker and his car

  Is it easy to realize the dream? Preston Tucker and his car In 1945, Preston Thomas Tucker, before the war, the famous collaboration with Erretom Lobbanom ply, Harry Armeniusom Miller, Henry Ford And the war a number of patented inventions that brought him fabulous income, created a furore by announcing its project "car of the future", which will be available today or tomorrow.

He immediately bought a stopped after the war, aircraft factory in Willow Run - a suburb of Chicago. To create a car Tucker invited the young, but talented engineer Ben Parsons and Alex Tremulisa stylist, who in the history of design is on a par with Gordon Berigom, Howard Darrin, Alex Sakhnovsky, Alan Leamy and Brooks Stevens.

Already in the 50 Tremulis has done much for the establishment of the American space, creating among other things, one of the first prototypes of "space shuttle". Tucker provided invaluable help to Howard Hughes. They Tucker put on the first prototype of the engine from the helicopter Sikorsky. This engine was manufactured at the company's plant Franklin Air Kulde Endzhins in Syracuse. Company Franklin 30-ies has been known for its cars, the characteristic distinction of which was air-cooled engines. Regular clients at the time was the famous aviator Charles Lindbergh. The company then focused on the issue of power plants exclusively aviation purposes. In the future, planned to negotiate with the Italian Caproni, the supply of gas turbine power plants.

  Is it easy to realize the dream? Preston Tucker and his car One of the first car magazine anonsovPrototip Tucker has been fantastic - curved glass with a large radius of curvature, formed a light like air, and only three lights mounted on the center of the tusk bumper, wheel, enclosed in separate from the body fairings with hubcaps, three-fold front with a place driver in the center, dashboard, padded vinyl for safety, under which lies a thick layer of sponge rubber, compactly interlocked inside the steering wheel control apparatus, whose testimony is duplicated directly on the windshield, as it soon began to do in combat aircraft. For example, aircraft manufacturers machine has safety belt for the driver and passengers. Gearbox and differential was not - rear-wheel-drive directly from the crankshaft of socks, located transverse engine through a fluid coupling.

  Is it easy to realize the dream? Preston Tucker and his car Второй вариант прототипа от Тремулиса, уже с 4-дверным кузовомПредназначенная к серийному производству the car was more modest - and many details for a prototype Tucker procured in a single copy through all of the same or Hughes found himself on the military dumps, sometimes climbing over the fences for that. In particular, he ran so for those fluid coupling to drive the wheels - because he needed the two identical. Seatbelts Tucker also ordered to remove - not to arouse buyers negative associations. Yet this machine is far more impressive than the products of Detroit - even Ford and General Motors have not created anything to change the model number of 1942 and continued to produce it with a few cosmetic changes (eg, a simple pattern falshradiatornyh facing as a result is still quite noticeable deficiency of chromium and nickel).

Introduction of a new public car passed splendidly, with great fanfare. Solemn ceremony was held in July 1947 in the best banquet hall of Chicago, where a conspicuous place adorned hero of the occasion - a new car. Attended all the beau monde's financial capital of the United States - Tucker was patronized by the mayor, the governor of Illinois and many other influential persons. The car dubbed the daughter of the Tucker, smashing the hood of a bottle of champagne, and she accidentally splashed from head to foot with his father, dressed in a brand-new brand-new expensive suit and everyone was very happy.

  Is it easy to realize the dream? Preston Tucker and his car The phenomenon of Tucker naroduEsche to the presentation Tucker has collected several thousands of orders for a new car, received an advance payment to the same secured financial support from several reputable banks. The car was planned to put on stream in the near time to get released on the market as a model of the next, in 1948, according to American custom is done in the autumn of the previous year, usually in September or at the latest, in November.

Unfortunately, plans do not Tucker relished boss Big Three of Detroit, who are also sharpening their teeth on the same plant that Tucker bought bypass them all. Something like the development of Tucker, they are unlikely to be able to bring to market even within ten years. Tucker with their volumes of production, at first glance, was not a competitor for them, but it is [url=] 11111127 incredibly advanced. technically car was to cost though not cheap, but still cheaper than Cadillac. And where the first model - there is a second, and then, look, Tucker to first buy the plant and the second will be a threat, and even the grave-digger for the American auto monopolies.

  Is it easy to realize the dream? Preston Tucker and his car The film "Man and His Dream" As a result, competitors are dashed off in the Tucker car and truck denunciations. Barely two months after the noisy presentations Tucker was in jail, where he spent four long months, dealing only with the protection and go and see once or twice a week, a lawyer. Now and then he left the chamber to attend the meetings of the court where tried in vain to defend his good name, was forced to justify himself before the officials not only in Illinois, and neighboring Michigan, and from the office, who had no relationship to the automobile industry and its financing banks. Tucker was acquitted, but was left bankrupt. He died in Brazil in 1956, before the end of life leaving no attempt to do the production of automobiles. Even in Brazil, he developed a small sports car Carioca - a sort of forerunner of the current machines Dare, Dax, Atom, Lotus Exige, KTM.

  Is it easy to realize the dream? Preston Tucker and his car Modern ispolnenieDeyatelnost Tucker is reflected in the novel by Stephen King's The Talisman ", the famous takkerovskaya third lamp influenced the design of competitors' products - mainly of the same Ford, as well as Studebeykera. Already in the 80 years the director Francis Ford Coppola, buying at auction is one of the rare surviving car brand (it was released 48 or 49 commercial samples, maybe one of them was a presentation copy), interested in its history, has studied the biography of the Tucker and took for her film "The Man and His Dream."