Is it frightening inspection?

Is it frightening inspection? Admit it, you are always honest pass inspection? Well, that without friends in the traffic police or without monetary offerings to the right people. If yes, then you already know everything. And if "No", the article is for you.

Spring - a hot car to go. But all the colors of the resurgent nature can erase one of the recurring problems - the passage of the annual inspection. Even if you have a fairly new car, it is not clear that all will turn to once and without any bribes. So now need to think about how to prepare your car and what to do to minimize the loss of time and not pay the extra money.

The preparation can be divided into two parts: first - what you can do yourself 1,111,119. , And second - you need to entrust the service. Here are the steps to the first paragraph:

See, does not end with a validity period of your medical information, policy OSAGO , Driver's license, power of attorney and, if necessary, update them. Pay the fines, if any.

Check condition and shelf life of the kit and fire extinguisher: if more than two years, better replace the one and another. The sign of emergency stop is now a new model - with an orange stripe in red reflector, do not forget to update it.

Verify that the lighting devices in all modes, including the "fog" lights and license plate, without problems must operate "caretakers", washer, windows, beep. The windshield should have no cracks from the driver in the area of the windshield.

Determine whether damage paintwork, if necessary to remove rust and 1,111,116. embellishing the body [/url] To draw attention to a number plate: if the letters and numbers difficult to distinguish on a white background - degrease the base and use a black indelible marker.

Conduct an inspection of the wheels on which the car will go to inspection - discs do not have to be bent, and tires - to have a valid height of the tread. If by design, one must have "mudguards".

When installed supernumerary attachments, such as "kengooryatniki", then it is better to dismantle.

Just before leaving the car wash, to make sure that number plates aggregates were cleared of mud and normally read.

This is a short list of activities, some of which can be done in advance. But at the station, conducting inspection, there are several tests of various systems of the car, check and adjust that without special equipment, you can not. But such equipment is available from car and here begins the second part of training.

It is clear that for the diagnosis, adjustment or repair will have to pay some money, but the money and serve your safety, rather than settles in the pocket of another bribe. [b] What kind of work to perform the service?
It will be necessary to check:

The efficiency of the braking system, its integrity, uniformity of braking forces on the axes. You may need to replace brake pads or pumping units.

The engine and everything connected with it: tightness of supply and exhaust systems, the content of harmful substances in exhaust gas, no oil leaks and coolant.

Luft steering, power steering performance.

Suspension, no gaps in the mating parts: hinges, ball bearings, racks stabilization.

Correct control of light beams head-Optics at the near and distant light.

Wheel balancing.

This information is necessary, above all, in order for you to understand what specific work needed on service and pointed out all this in the purchase order. If you simply say: "preparation for technical inspection, you can miss something, and you can get extra work and unnecessary expenses.

As you can see a list of rather big, but it's worth it, and you will be confident in their cars and passing inspection, and in everyday use. Yes, and machine run more fun and more comfortable. And if you combine this check with regular maintenance, then this could be significant savings.