How to escape from a sinking car?


  How to escape from a sinking car? About forty years ago, when I was preparing to become car owners, I came across a book "Tips experienced" - a collection of advice on many critical cases.

Something in handy then, something not. But be prepared to force majeure need. On one of the tips of the books I remembered reading an article in Vladimir Rogoza 1,111,112. "The spring flood. As Moscow was drowned and turned into Venice? "[/url] .

And earlier were occasional reports in the media machine that has failed under the ice and fell into the water from the embankment or a bridge. And this spring, the probability of hitting the car in the water has increased considerably. Even where flooding never happened. And I decided to share with the readers of your knowledge (thank God, while in theory) to this case.

The main thing - do not panic! After reading this article, you will already know what to do.

  Drowning car Do not fill with water, you have a few minutes. They must be used rationally. First, close the windows and sunroof, to slow the flow of water in the car. Then turn on the lights to the car was more visible to rescuers. Electrical under water not immediately reject.

Reassure passengers and give them instructions. Do not attempt to open the door until the cabin was filled with water more than three-quarters of the volume - the water pressure will not let you do. And if you can open it, then poured water into the salon will not swim out of the car.

Use the time until the interior is filled with water to get rid of extra clothing, unfasten seat belts, turn off the lock door locks.

If you 1,111,116. featherbed [/url] Do not remove it - it does not become saturated with water and play the role of a lifesaver.

Keep the state in which the car plunged. Map out the door or window through which you will leave the car, when the pressure inside and outside will be equal. Find a heavy object that you can break the glass, if the body twisted, and the door or window is certainly not open. Sgoda lock on the steering wheel or pedals, fire extinguisher, any instrument.

And then, when the water rises up to you neck, take a deep breath the air, pulling the door hook, and then at her shoulder. If the door does not open - open or breakable glass windows. There is nothing to break - try, uperevshis back in his seat and two legs to squeeze out the windshield. Then head forward, helping himself with his hands, bounced out of the car.

When you successfully 1,111,118. out of the water [/url] Until help came, try to warm up exercise. Do not remove the wet clothing - it still somehow retains heat.

If you were a casual witness such a scene, then as a first aid possible, give the victim dry clothes, wrapped him in something. Warm it in your car, but not too hot, or Dissolve fire . Drink something hot. With stirring be careful - large amounts of alcohol may be a depressing act on the central nervous system.

In any case, immediately call the help!