How to get married? Instructions for avtoledi

  How to get married? Instructions for avtoledi ... A myth or a truth - the woman behind the wheel easier to establish new relationships with men than any other.

 Recently, tucking a car alone for the first time in my life, I made a discovery. Lovely women, we choose the wrong place for hunting! All attempts to find a life partner in a restaurant, night club, at work in the shop or, God forbid, in a casino, are doomed to failure. Because these institutions - not quite accustomed to male habitat. He was apprehensive, frightened, focused, aggressive, tired, or worse, drunk.

Catch the man should be in a comfortable environment for him where he relaxed and calm - in a man's world, which consists of men's favorite toys - cars, pistol, or football. Therefore, before we take a note of sports bars during broadcasts championships and weapons stores. The theme of cars divulge details.

 Having to drive a car, I wondered: how my unmarried girlfriends-avtolyubitelnitsam not much time to be alone? Only at the gas station can be five times married. After all, what a woman needs for a successful hunt? In addition to the minimum extent necessary (chest, a smile and a desire to be married), she can not do without the ability to:

1) interested in a man;
2) pretend to be a complete fool.

A female motorist in possession of these talent like no other. Fool Many do not pretend to be, it is a bonus from nature. Too clever men are afraid of women. Too clever woman never will marry, to be honest. Why it is a headache? But such a number of mind I do not pretend. So - where and how to hunt avtoledi?

 Even if the girl is not driving, just riding in a taxi - the driver's chance to charm her immeasurably greater than that of a woman who drives a car. Because avtoledi can tie and keep the conversation about the state of road surface, the stamp machine and knock on the suspension. This is item number 1 - motivates a man. Start portray fool (item number 2) at any time when you decide that the potential victim is enough interest.

Why marry a driver Taxi , You ask. A cheerful, lively and worldly wise people in my life did not have to meet. In addition, the wheel may be the owner of the company, out of boredom decided the podkalymit. They are simply calculated by callsign - the owner of the room is almost always 001.

Petrol station
Went alone to refuel the first time in my life, I have prepared thoroughly. Lipstick, hair puffed up and called my friend that she described in greater detail all of the procedure. Pulled up to the column, called her husband and clarified - whether you want to turn off the engine while pouring petrol? Husband said:

- You - want.

Relatively easy to open the fuel tank and put his gun back so that it does not fall on the ground. Then I went to the window where the glass sat a woman. Trying to push a bill in to the crack, I told her that the charge for the first time and not sure I did everything correctly. Her question: "What column?" - I replied:

- There's one which stands a white car.

Woman in the window promised to send me a man (me! Man!), Which will be refueled after and check if everything is right I do.

I was overjoyed and quickly ran to wait for a man. In the meantime, my column roared, hose wildly - the process went. Delighted that seems to be asking was, I did not notice that the man had approached. Very respectable, expensively dressed and graying at the temples.

- What can you do? - He went to work.

- Here, dress! - I said proudly.

The man scanned the column, the hose, gun, car and said:

- You have a button on the gun did not press, you no gasoline flowing.

And sure enough - he somehow snapped, the gun jerked, the sound of the flowing liquid. An electronic scoreboard column ran tsiferki. Male paternal affectionate look at me.

- How many liters you tank? - He asked, evidently wishing to maintain polite conversation.

- M-m-m ...

- Forgot? - He prompted.

- I did not know - had to admit me. - You see, 50 on a column brought into relief. So - 50 liters, now I know.

The man was glad my opening and took me to his car, showed how it manually pour gasoline in the fuel tank, pressing the gun. In general, if I was not a happy wife and mother, then the following phrase would have asked Men his phone number and permission to call him if I have problems with the car.

That is, say, showing some activity, gas stations can marry up to two times a year - would desire. If you engage in criminal conspiracy with the woman behind the glass that she sent men more impressive, the number of successful marriages will increase to five a year.

SRT and tire
There I was not yet (Knock-pah). Logic dictates that there can meet other car owners. It is clear that the state of their iron horses they will be passionate about more than you, but worth a try. The chances are higher than, for example, in the casino.

About Dating in caps Much has been written. In my opinion - a doubtful case, if the street minus 35 degrees, for example. Is that the signs ...

This woman will continue to try to get married, even had an accident. By the way, it usually is the culprit accident. It is win-win situation, if to recall the items number 1 and number 2 - a man clearly interested in you and not for a moment doubt your stupidity.