How to save gasoline? Physical point of view, avtosportsmena, avtoinstruktora and experienced driver


  How to save gasoline? Physical point of view, avtosportsmena, avtoinstruktora and experienced driver A couple of years ago I was asked to talk about ways to save gasoline for one episode of "How to survive in the metropolis" channel "REN". I tried to submit this problem from several perspectives. The transfer is repeated several times - that one, then other friends said they saw it, but not all remember. Here I tried to put the same in writing.

  1 . Like physicist I see in the gasoline energy source for the car. Where this energy is expended? First of all - to disperse the mass of the car. The more acceleration and more weight, the more spent fuel. And when braking all the acquired kinetic energy is converted into heat of friction brake pads on the discs and drums. Brakes, we have to heat the world space at your expense.

So, to 1,111,116. fuel economy [/url] we should not dramatically accelerate and brake, and ride smoothly. The more experienced drivers, the less he uses the brakes. But spelling out the luggage truck, can be reduced and the mass of the vehicle.

But in uniform motion gasoline wasted. First of all, to overcome the resistance of air, with a quadratic dependence. That is, an increase in the rate doubled, gasoline consumption increased fourfold. A very slow rate increases the travel time with the engine. The most economical speed of 60-100 km/h.

Stronger-than-air and slows the car more dense water. They all felt as strongly inhibits the car at the entrance to the pool. So during rain to reduce the vehicle speed is useful not only for security reasons.

Much of the gasoline wasted in the car on electricity. At the same time included lamps, air conditioning, CD player, heated glass, brushes and any other consumers of electricity can increase fuel consumption by 40 percent. Do not use them unnecessarily.

  2 . Like avtosportsmen I advise straighten curves, which makes the rate more uniform. Unless, of course, allows road markings and other road users. Significantly reduces fuel consumption for the movement of another vehicle in its "air bag". But a small distance can recommend that only experienced drivers.

Do not immerse the glass, which create air turbulence and impede the car. Maximum unload the car. On good roads can be a ten percent increase pressure in the tires, thus reducing their rolling resistance.

 3. Как автоинструктор , Learn to press gently on the gas pedal, so as not perezalit engine when the speed it is small. On a machine with a mechanical gearbox is important to learn to switch between the time of transfer. This view should not the speedometer, and tachometer.

For everyday economical driving engine speed must be within 1500-3000 in a minute. When the higher the limit, the better to switch to a higher gear. And when falling below the specified speed, even though the engine still pulls and even fuel consumption is reduced, it is better to switch down. At too low speed reduced oil pressure, ie increases engine wear. And security is reduced because when you press the gas pedal engine may choke.

For ease of steering with 11,111,120. auto-[/url] transmission have to pay higher by 10-15 per cent of fuel consumption. It is required for this box.

  4 . Like experienced motorist I advise to monitor the state machine. Any, even minor defects are not made on time maintenance increased consumption of gasoline. Dirty air, oil and gasoline filters, huddled on the ignition, maladjusted wheel camber and toe, low pressure in them increases the voracity machine.

Even an empty roof rack increases air resistance and allows an increase in fuel consumption of a few percent.

Try to ride evenly in a stream of other cars. Read the road not only to the nearest traffic light, but also to the next. In the tube follows the movement of a car ahead of you and going before him. Even better would be if you could choose the route to bypass traffic jams.