Smoking or not smoking in the car? Reflections avtoledi

  Smoking or not smoking in the car? Reflections avtoledi It would seem a good combination of the ear: "The car, a woman, a cigarette." Almost as "Sky. Airplane. Girl. Standing on a pedestrian crossing, corner of his eye always catch a car with such avtoledi. With one hand she 1,111,112. holds the steering wheel [/url] In the other fingers is smoking a long cigarette.

Woman looking at a traffic light, produces a thin stream of smoke. Her head was slanted to the left, because she said by cell phone. Few of the women behind the wheel of the device uses "free hand", so we arranged. The whole picture in general is so harmonious that I become envious.

 When I smoked, her husband mercilessly chased me out of my room with smoke, for he nonsmoker. I mumbled something like "Well, wait a minute, dedunyushka!", In a sense, will I have my own car, there really going to smoke all you like, at least two cigarettes in a row. And I will not listen to pop music, and "civil defense" and earlier albums "Cinema". Years later I acquired the machine, but, unfortunately, did not smoke, so that half the fun of driving is lost. Never have I would not be such a smart and significant species, as these 1,111,114. avtoledi [/url] with a cigarette. Indeed, "civil defense" of the children especially are not included.

 When you smoke, everything and everything in the world against you. As a partner in life are very frequent non-smoking male specimen, who immediately begin to try to persuade you to quit smoking. Some - quite categorical, some - and motherly care, no less disgusting. Shoved patches, pills, articles about the dangers of smoking. We have to part with a man - no need to demonstrate the rejection of such a multifaceted personality, like you, at the early stages of relations. When I quit smoking, the men began to weigh me a backhanded compliment: "Why did not you smoke, it's so beautiful and sexy"? Apparently, at the time of parting with a cigarette, my face has lost so sexy, that people no longer knew what I embellish.

When you smoke, all таксисты и диспетчеры have conspired against you. Especially send a car where smoke can not be, and bullied the whole way. In all my prayers: "Yes, I have a smoke at the window, it also instantly to weather, taxi drivers frown at me askance, and grumbled that no smoke can not, he did not smoke in the car. That goes out there and Kuri. And the car can not smell bad will, and blankets can burn.

Where did all these people after my parting with a cigarette? Now the picture is quite different. In the best case, when I go to the transport caused by a brood of children or pregnant, the driver had just had a smoke in the cabin and carefully waved his hands, the smoke. Just the same, pushing the smoke through the open windows, and smoke with all his strength stubborn clinging to small transparent hands behind the chair. To all my indignation voditel optimistic answers - now let's go quickly to weather.

For me, these assurances are similar to the following: a driver went in big on the front seat. The smell is unbearable in the cabin. However, he graciously offers to follow you in this car to your destination. Pile is not going to clean up and comforts you phrase - now let's go, let's open the window, smell and air dry. What an illusion! In the car, in which smoking is always unbearable stench, regardless of whether it moves or stands. As I did not notice, being a smoker?

Well, you smoke in the car. But the good cigarette! And then when you sit down in the cabin, the smell is so, as if from a moment ago fox smoked. And smoked the same, a taxi is free, you are welcome.

- Could smell? - Surprised voditel And sheepishly smiled, showing brown jagged teeth number five pieces - and I dezodorantikom splashed, I think, has no smell.

- Smells - suppressing nausea and squeeze out the children from the cabin. Smoked a fox, skunk stayed.

 Returning to avtoledi - a real woman, however much it may be smoked, smoke in your car yourself will never allow. Only slightly, in a window. And the aroma in the cabin it will not change. Because, even if avtoledi and smokes, she smokes cigarettes roads are good, mostly light and menthol. At the same time it maintains a relaxed conversation with the passengers of his car, with a cell phone and a traffic police inspector, who was lucky to stop such a treasure. With itself, if anyone did not stick around. It looks gorgeous, what leads me to think about their own inferiority.

To tell the truth, even if I still smoked, and tried to do behind the wheel - I would have waited a crushing defeat. I without a cigarette, when'm driving, I remind the drummer for drums. Take, for example, drivers of taxis. Have you heard the anecdote about that drivers 11,111,112. minibuses [/url] in the process inevitably acquires a third hand to count down and pass the change and a huge belly to hold the steering wheel when depart from the bus stop?