Myths about love in the car. How, where, and most importantly - why do it?

  Myths about love in the car. How, where, and most importantly - why do it? If there is a place where Americans regularly give up their innocence, it is the back seat of the car. And even if the innocence was lost long ago, the rear seat is relevant for love - to see this, you can read any Stephen King novel or watch a young American film. Where did all those horror movies where the maniac attacks alone in a car in the dense forest a couple?

On second thought everything falls into place: the fact that in America, and several other countries the right to drive motor vehicles are issued early enough age of fourteen or sixteen, so that even students can ride on private vehicles. In this case the welfare of Americans can have several family cars and these should provide for the personal use of adolescents.

We are not in America and today there are not going to. What about the national characteristics of love in the vehicle?

First, it has already become a proverb "loss of innocence in the back seat of a car" seems to me no more than a myth. Or feverish dream unmet teenager. Even if the United States. His car is already there. A girl who is ready to lose her virginity in - yet. Second, in Russia knows what will interest the young man more - a girl or a car.

Regarding love women to the back seat car, the majority of my acquaintances told the ladies that tied moment [url=] loss of innocence 1,111,119. at least with champagne, candles, roses and crisp sheets. The last thing they imagined - is the smell of gasoline and button blocker doors, which goes into the ridge.

And how do you imagine that? I am speaking now not to men. It is clear that they are something yourself now: it's at least five different positions. In the back seat of a car can take a nap without much comfort, and to engage in sex - a dubious pleasure. Want to argue with me?

First, not enough space to change positions. Secondly, tight. Still, the back seat - no feather bed. Thirdly, much more interesting if you try to get a front seat, spreading it in the horizontal. Then, at your disposal will be much more space.

There are extremes, when the partner has an unearthly passion. Exhausted from the desire, the couple barely have time to run to the car and close the door from the inside. Well what can I say: when this thing - and two behind the wheel is not crowded. For a long time for such joy and folly can not count. You cut the violence of temperament front desk - and all Cavalier cold, it's time for SRT. Another myth about sex in a car debunked.

Have you heard stories about his wife, who was accused of 1,111,114. changes in her husband's 1,111,119. on prints of bare feet on the inside windshield of the car when it is foggy on heating? This is what he had to bend the poor woman! A decent woman should feel sorry for that not to her, and his mistress in the dust and dirt, bare heels upwards have conjugal duty to give. Debt - a husband and wife, and give account for quite a strange woman. Here she rests her bare heels in the cold glass and thinks: "If only there was no war." And that, my great-grandmother as the three men survived. I mean, that the thought "If only there was no war," helped my great-grandmother to overcome any temporary difficulties, but not what you think.

I will not argue, men mass romantic memories may be associated with sex in the car. Why? Because the place itself obliges us to speed. Women in sex like the speed is less, so the man must be ready to satisfy you in any other way. Still, he is not clumsy and does not dumb, just got right, got behind the wheel and took you to a secluded place to 1,111,116. having sex 1,111,119. .

The last thing forgot to mention - is oral sex in the car. Surely a delightful way to entertain yourself in the mirror for men and dubious pleasure for a woman if she is not Sharon Stone. And no female spaniel. What have animals, you ask? Laura spaniel, a dog of my friend, all the time and drool pours everything he sees, dragging in his mouth and carefully licks. As in the anecdote, when her husband while trying to take off on the highway prostitute to 1,111,118. oral sex 1,111,119. received from the pimp marmot with confidence that this will not fail. When my husband comes home and thrust into the hands of his wife marmot and says: "Teach this guy to cook eggs and get out of here!"