What is the ABC light signaling motorists?

  What is the ABC light signaling motorists? Descriptions of the alphabet light signaling in no very "right" textbook.

Unfortunately, during the movement, we have little opportunity to share any information with other drivers. Alarm can not apply everywhere, and it is not very informative. Sign Language is not visible even at relatively close range, especially if the windows are tinted. One can only signal lights and other lighting devices machine.

So do not be superfluous to reiterate the main signal light, which must know each member of the traffic, but you will not find any Regulation or textbooks.

So, if you are blinded by two short "call" distant light - in front of a traffic police ambush, or something very dangerous (accidents, pit on the road, etc.). If you call, unlike the first, is longer, it could mean one of two things: either, if you are honking in the back - they want you to give way, if you shine in the side or face, usually a signal at an intersection, - miss you. In the latter case, which occurs not so often taken as a result missed your driver's blinking a few times emergency gang.

Well, equipping himself with these uncomplicated, elementary skills, you should always keep in mind that any time you can meet in Thrace with the absolute kettle and applied to him, this "ABC" light signaling is fraught with unpredictable consequences.