How to protect yourself from a false accident?

  How to protect yourself from a false accident? "In all countries of the road for the movement are, but we have yet to steal" - would say the writer Saltykov-Shchedrin. Read - How to protect yourself from a false accident.

Type of criminal activity, which will be referred, has long been known. Criminals tend to have already broken the car crash provoked by substituting your car under attack, and then extort money from the "offender" driver.

Scheme of their actions is pretty simple, although it requires a well-known driving skills. For the "hunt" is usually used second-hand foreign cars. Fraudsters go on the track, moving in mid-stream and spy out potential prey.

Typically, this is not too expensive, so that they themselves do not get yourself in trouble, but not too cheap machine, which starts rearranging the right. At this point, foreign car dramatically increases the speed and substitutes endanger his left front fender. This maneuver is carried out in a split second, and so professionally that the victim provocation often seems that the blame for the accident he really is.

Meanwhile, the "victims" (other than the driver in the cabin usually sit still one or two strong men), not giving him time to recover, jump out of the car and start a scandal, demanding pay "damages". Their professionalism is manifested here: an amount called the comparable or even lower than the cost of repair, as far as it can be assessed at first glance.

The preferred option for the scam: drivers who, for whatever reason do not wish a meeting with the traffic police, the people hurrying away on urgent business, or shy, which is easy to take fright.

In these cases, the entire "operation" on weaning takes money from the power of one to three minutes. After this scam, after driving in a secluded lane, "tap" a dent hammer and refresh paint from the spray ... That's all, about half an hour they are ready for the next "hunt".

What advice can be given to motorists who are in similar situation? Above all, do not agree to "deal off the record" and ask the call traffic police officers. Do not give in pledge of "no papers and did not even show them, do not say where you live or work ...

And in order to gain time and to draw attention to the inspector, lift as much as possible noise, ask for help from other motorists. Do not listen to proposals to drive off the pavement, the cars have to stand where encountered, even if it would create a traffic jam.

In practice, obtaining such a rebuff, fraudsters do not climb into a fight, but prefer to retreat without a catch to once again not "zasvechivatsya. They are a well-known that qualified in the group analyzes traffic police easily differ from the base of this accident, and even then it will turn against themselves "victims".

Well, best of all - to prevent the very possibility of provocation. Advice in this regard are elementary. Strictly observes the rules of traffic. Be very careful when you rebuild, especially in the right lane, especially on busy routes. Seeing a foreign car with a crumpled left side, try to stay away from her ... and finally: insure a car if you have not done it until now.