How does the speed trap warning?

  How does the speed trap warning? Today, again on our machines. For sleigh like those that are uncomfortable keeping speed limits, radar detector is indispensable. About him, dear, and we will lead a conversation.

Indeed, what could be better: to establish a "weapon" against the traffic police, push the gas pedal to the floor and lay on a country road at an incredible speed! However, such hopes for their own impunity, oddly enough, often end with a fine or even prison rights.

Detector renowned foreign firms sometimes stubbornly silent, even when foreign car hit the "target" a police radar. Many in this case in a hurry to return the allegedly "ticky-tacky" priborchik back to the seller: they say, foisted fake. But ... After installing a new radar-detector situation is repeated. It turns out we're not talking to the radar.

On European roads commonly used stationary system clock tracking the speed of cars. These devices are considered to be sources of microwave radiation of limited capacity, which can be dangerous to health. And so, in order to protect the driver from malicious rays, some companies make windshields for the special, "lead" technology. That is why the vaunted radar detectors and "silent" at the most inopportune moment! By the way, whose production of your windshield? ..

In the aforementioned "special" glasses, with their careful consideration, we can see that sometimes contains inclusions of glass in the form of small air bubbles. For optical glasses with specific properties are introduced in different materials - metals and their salts. When the casting of the glass pieces technologically unable to completely get rid of the inclusions in the form of small air bubbles, they were the signal us about the presence of additives. Here are some of these most bubbles, we can, before buying a radar, to determine that he was in our car will not work.

Incidentally, the alleged penny-paper radar can also interfere with glasses, tinted by spraying them a layer of metal. In appearance they are easy to distinguish, because these glasses have a mirror image of white, yellow and even some shades. In a similar way toned, mostly, side windows, and windshields are usually applied a narrow band at the top. In this case, install a radar-detector near the peak is also useless, because the radiation through a tint practically does not penetrate.
Here such a case.