As an electrician to repair a car, or do not shine and does not go

  As an electrician to repair a car, or do not shine and does not go We continue to look after our cars with you, and today we talk about matters of electrotechnical, but rather on the electrically-related downtime.

And the first thing that we fixed his gaze will generator. We let it look we are not just, but because our generator flatly refused to work and go have the battery. If this failure occurred on Zhiguli, then get out of the situation can be read. To reduce energy consumption and, consequently, more drive, it should be the first thing off the excitation winding of the generator. Why do we disable the appropriate fuse and disable the lead from the headlight switch that signals the battery charge. After these little creative operations on one battery, you can drive right up to 200 kilometers.

Second trick is useful only to those whose car is not equipped with a contactless ignition system. You will need it in the event that suddenly refused all electrical, and turn off all appliances. That is, for some mysterious reason, has stopped the power supply. You can, of course, undertake an investigation, why this is the presentation ended, but you can do easier, nothing at all investigating. Just flicking a thick wire to the terminals "plus" on a coil and run the engine start grip.