How to get a light from the battery, or lighters not?

  How to get a light from the battery, or lighters not? Let us return to our cars with you and talk about prikurivanii. If you're a smoker, then you know that in the car, slightly to the side of the dashboard between the driver and passenger front seats are a thing of which you can get a light cigarette, cigarette, a cigar, that's only the receiver is difficult ... So, about this thing we say we will not, because to say about her almost nothing ... (Very confused?) And begin ...

Let's start with prikurivaniya tricks on you. This is when you have graciously agreed to start on its own battery foreign car. And here it should be clearly grasp just one simple rule. Having matched the car, turn off it. And let the "lights a" indefinitely. The fact is that if you give the "get a light" with the engine running, then you are likely to break down the generator.

Now the trick a second, reverse it when someone decided to give a light to you. In this case, one wire to connect "" battery, but not to the other terminal and to the body of the engine. This will eliminate the failure of the onboard electronics, if you mix up the wires, and such a crossroads abound.

And last for today tricks. Based on all the previous manipulations on the battery, you have him weak. It is quite possible that every time after his arrival home, you are forced to take "weak" battery home to the morning it was warm, as could be to spin the engine.

Have to do it every day. And each time, making it difficult, both literally and figuratively, the procedure, you get dirty stinking. Meanwhile, output side. Try to install the battery in position directly in the bag-string bag. Then get the battery compartment of the close is very easy: take a pen - and pulled out (removing the pre-first "negative" and then "plus" O).