How not to get into an accident, or the psychology of the driver

  How not to get into an accident, or the psychology of the driver It turns out that happy circumstance that we have completed a driver's course, and got a piece of paper that we have the most, that neither is the real drivers of this indisputable fact for us, a science called psychology, it looks like some are skeptical and distrustful. Why - we ask psychology of science in this release - you're so incredulous look at our driver's license? ..

The fact is - says the science in a low voice, - that in order to ride with the wind on the highway, some skills, driving school is sometimes not enough. On the professional driver a huge, perhaps decisive role, providing personal and psychological qualities. For example, professional drivers that have roughly the same percentage of professionalism, good response, in short, all the necessary qualities to drive, for some reason, clearly divided into two categories: one constantly gets into an accident, and others - almost never.

This is explained by different amounts, not just gasoline, or tosol, but also psychological problems, which is carrying the man and the way of their processing. In short, the more people downloaded the problems, the worse it reacts to the situation on the road and more inclined to get into an accident. These drivers usually have some features - they are less sociable, but extremely hot-tempered and irritable, and even the intellectual level of most of these drivers are not exactly very high. Moreover, these fiery silent types, constantly pursued by a series of misfortunes, even unexpectedly come a streak of light could cause an accident.

What is the solution, we ask, anxiously counting your band. Suggest there be only one. If there is some sort of a suspicious bad luck in the management of the car, the most correct way - to turn to a psychologist, dealing with the correction of such cases, or to take note of all read above, namely:

Driving a car, try not to succumb to emotions - strong emotions, both negative and positive, irritability, and hence the lack of attention - are the main sources of danger on the road.