How to get rid of excess moisture. Dehydrate ... car.

  How to get rid of excess moisture. Dehydrate ... car. In the cold season often faced with the problem of poor visibility. Not only is the outside of the glass flying dirt, salt spray from the wheels of others, both inside they still manage to sweat. Especially in the mornings. To get rid of this interference, we just have to learn how to correctly use the ventilation system. This we now discuss.

Let's say you opened the morning the car, start the engine - and immediately switch on the rear window. Then switched on at full capacity heating and ventilation and direct air flow to the frontal and side windows.
By the way, until the interior warms up in this way and ventilated, you best stay out of cars: tread near it, breathe the fresh frosty air. For if you are at this time will be inside your luxurious vehicles, you exhale moist air will only interfere with the system.
In order to expedite the process of airing and drying cabin air recirculation button (I'm sure that she, of course, there are in your car) turn off access to his outdoor air. Then the interior warms up faster (when the hit the road, do not forget to switch back down to the outside air, or glass in the car again zapoteyut because of exhaled air, and you will soon become difficult to breathe).
And one last tip. Since one of the main causes fogging of glasses is the presence of excess moisture in the air, try landing in the car as carefully as possible shake off their shoes and clothes from the snow or rain, and at least one day prior to planting did not eat anything but crackers and biscuits . Remember: in a dry cabin and breathe easier, and seen better.