How to cope with uncontrolled drifts?

  How to cope with uncontrolled drifts? We continue our automotive history. And today, we will comprehend the laws of that certainty in the winter time the procedure as a way out of the skid.
 The fact is that among some pessimistic motorists there is a perception that the consequences of fatal skid. Indeed, if a car be buried - trouble was inevitable. And why, we ask ourselves? And therefore, we answer a well that drift plunges us into a panic, which in turn leads to a significant survival.
The conclusion suggests itself: it is necessary immediately, yet not over the winter, to master the so-called technique of controlled skid. So here we go.
To begin, we need a rather large and open area covered with compacted snow. By the way, I almost forgot. If you have nine, eight, or any other machine with the front drive, you can easily, immediately after the compaction of snow on the aforementioned site, go home, because today we are talking about the tricks only for rear-wheel drive vehicles.
Preparing the ground for self-improvement, we will move in a circle with a diameter of 12 meters, gradually adding the gas. At some point, increasing speed increases the centrifugal force, and the latter exceeds the adhesion to the road. Be prepared: Your car will certainly be buried. The main thing is not to be afraid, because the panic specially simulated skidding - that's just silly.

Without self-control, with a fearless person, with skidding of the rear axle steering wheel a sharp turn in the direction of the skid. And the sharper and more determined you make this change, the faster the car will give backlash. Then - do not enjoy the results diligently performed the task, and an equally sharp turn the steering wheel back. Making it to the wheels lined.
At this point you may think that the car was again you absolutely obedient. However, it is not quite true. Remain vigilant and do not believe this false humility car, once again turn the steering wheel of the skid and back, gradually reducing the angle of the steering until the vehicle is aligned completely.
Thus curbing your artificially rebellious horse and getting rid of any false fears, you will, for the sake of fixing the worked-out skill, be sure to repeat this idea once again 15. Remember: only finally mastered the "technique of controlled skidding and bringing useful skills to full automatic, you can consider yourself ready for any road troubles. We hope that your machine will not suffer in the process of learning. Otherwise - in the name of what we are up to? "