What's new in the SDA: digest for busy motorists.

  What's new in the SDA: digest for busy motorists. Everyone knows that new life must begin from Monday. Better from the first Monday of the month. And even better - with the New Year. At this time, a new life with the New Year begins road service. Since the first of January 2006, Russia introduced amendments to the Rules of the road - the holy of holies to all who at least sometimes holds something like a steering wheel. The most fundamental thing that can significantly improve the budget cops, and we with you fundamentally undermine - a nuance with overtaking. On New Year's driver, overtaking the snail in the area of the sign "Overtaking is forbidden, even if he was going at walking pace, will be in violation. It is worth recalling that before overtaking slow-moving vehicles in the area allowed. And that, as stated in the well-known advertising - "no longer toys." It is regarded as a departure into oncoming traffic, where it is forbidden. Accordingly, from 300 to 500, possibly deprivation of rights. " Overtake cars with included flashing light and audible signal, as well as transport, accompanied by them, can not never could.

In addition, entered into force new standards for headlights, turn signals and other vehicle lights. For example, lights should only be white, turn signals - yellow or orange color, fog lights - all white or yellow. All other luminous objects in the car - only red. So fashionable blue light, it seems, comes to an end. But seriously, this is a big reason to think the owners of American cars, where the red turn signals are put on "their" standard. Penalties for driving with improper lighting technicians have not yet provided, but to pass inspection on such a machine can not. But this requirement does not apply to those who have technical inspection for 2006 already.

New flour added to their parents. From now on, all children under 12 years old, regardless of their size, can ride in the car exclusively in a special chair set sample. I wonder how to put the "baby" armchair akselerirovannoe child of twelve years, if it is two heads taller than a parent? All the rest - have little things. Now the clock is required to move along the outside of settlements with the lights on. And the penalty for failure to this point of rules is already there, although quite immaterial - 50 rubles, for improper use of lights. In addition, pass inspection should always carry with them. Also on Russian roads will 24 new road signs and change the existing 18. For example, put the sign "traffic jam", which shows all of the machines. Some posts DPS put a sign "Control". Approved a new version of a sign to identify the beginning or end of the village. Foreigners entering the country will now meet the mark, which informs about speed regime in Russia.

Incidentally, we recall that in Russia the allowed maximum - 60 kilometers per hour in the city, not more than 90 outside the town and 110 on the highway. Nice surprise, for example, for the Germans, who have speed limits on motorways are not available.