How to act in case of failure of the brakes, or something I came fastidious horses

  How to act in case of failure of the brakes, or something I came fastidious horses Every motorist will sooner or later (better than ever, but ...), confronted with such road tribulations as a waiver of the brakes, jammed the gas pedal and the other, we would say nervotrepatelnymi misunderstandings in the mechanics of our car with you. And therefore stopped and turned his inquiring eye on the way to combat these plagues.

Let's start with the most unpleasant - failure of brakes. Actually, watching other Hollywood kinogeroyami faced with a similar problem, always have some confusion. Because the stop lost brakes car - a task that is actually quite doable, whose solution does not necessarily rush to the crazy eyes across the city, knocking on the move or in innocent trays with mandarins. In fact, in any car, there are many every ruchechek, buttons and rogulechek with which the car can stop.

First, sometimes quite a few times vigorously press the brake pedal, so he came back to normal. If it does not work, that is, the car is such a thing as a gearbox (many drivers saw it), switching by the downward, you simply force the car to slow down.
Next - the lever next, called "handbrake", also called the so-ulterior motive. Just hold it to be in non-fixed position, and retarding light to uplift, to be able to let go in case of skidding.
As a last resort, when it is not about keeping the car, and on the preservation of life, you can try to slow down the elementary friction machine about all that is left or right, such as curbs, walls, etc.
Well, recently, a strong tool to which to have recourse, if not help anything else: switch off the ignition, just so as not to block the wheel and turn the first gear. Remember! This "trick" will damage the gearbox, but your presentation, as well as presentation of your passengers are likely to remain.