How to change flat tire? Trifle, and unpleasant ...

  How to change flat tire? Trifle, and unpleasant ... Today in the car heading tricks we talk about as much trouble as puncture wheels. It's a shame when a brand-new suit, in anticipation of a pleasant meeting, we have to mess with a dirty wheel. Sometimes, and most calm people while out of yourself and do stupid things. Adhering to some uncomplicated tips to help you maintain the property, health, and sometimes life.

The first thing that you must do - neatly parked at the edge of the carriageway. Do not stop in the middle of the road, and even more so at the crossroads. You probably already passed in the run-flat tire a couple of kilometers, so the extra few yards, he does not hurt. But the roadside outside the city - not the best place to repair, soil can be weak to support the jack. In this case, stop on the roadway, but then - double the attention and care. Then, according to rules of the road, you must include alarm and put warning triangle. Fell to thinking? Warning triangle, of course, no? Expose an empty canister, bucket, box, anything at a distance of 10-15 meters from the car. Outside the city three times farther - about fifty meters. These meters can save your car and your life from the unwary driver.

Put the car in first gear, turn on the brake. If raised by the machine roll and fall off the jack, raise it will be difficult. Therefore, under one of the wheels on the opposite side put two stops - fragments of bricks, large stones. That's two stops - who knows where she wants go rolling. Now we obtain the jack, spare tire and wheel brace. Well, that's in the trunk should be found. Unscrewing the nut wheel, raise the car, remove the wheel and then put the spare. The faster the machine again will be on four wheels, the better. Lowering the car, finally tighten the nut. Tighten to much, but from the hand. Jumping on the wheel brace all the living mass of only resulted in damage to the disc.

Now you can remove all the trunk and go on. By the way, never hurts to carry a plastic bottle with water, soap and a rag. It is useful ... for example, to wash my hands. When we had gone a few meters, turn around, do not forget anything? Naturally, the repair should be pierced by a wheel as soon as possible. Nails on the road a lot more than you think.

Some cases - when you came to my car in the parking lot and found a flat tire. Usually, the right rear. Do not be lazy, his purse in the car, lock the door on the left side of the castle. Otherwise, catch up with the purse can be very difficult.