How to paint over the scratch on the car, or paint and do not throw

  How to paint over the scratch on the car, or paint and do not throw Unfortunately, the car sooner or later have to makeup: on the back there are small chips, small scratches do not give the owner to sleep. Of course, good to use the car experts, but the cost is not cheap. Meanwhile, a certain habit tint wing takes about half a day.

The first operation - the "clean sweep", begins with the removal of dirt and rust. No tricks - hands and sandpaper. If you're not going to paint the entire piece, then the clean-up should not take a large area covering around a "patient" place.

The second stage - time fillers. Filling should be polyester, two-piece (with hardener). To align newly deposited filler used spatulas made of rubber or thin metal. Fillers should be applied thinly, trying to create a flat surface.

Once dry you can begin the third act - "sanding". To remove large irregularities, take a coarse sandpaper, but without fanaticism - risks made sandpaper, then show you. From coarse paper transferred to smaller ones. The quality of the check, running a hand over the work surface. If after sanding remained "well" or "bumps" - putty to be repeated.

Fourth operation - a primer. Primer can be applied by brush or swab, but more often use sprays. Zashpatlevannye and primed surface proshkurivayut fine sandpaper. Work is carried out with water for flushing skin (naturally water-resistant) and the treated surface. It is necessary to remove everything, even the most minor irregularities and risks. Surrounded by a "sick" place the surface also pass sandpaper, making them dull.

When you select "caramel" need to know exactly what your car is painted with paint that is not only color, but also the number. If the machine is relatively new, the paint is numbered to coincide with the body color is guaranteed, and after several washes to detect tinted place will be difficult. For older machines will have to resort to the "computer" Tinting.

Small spots can, in general, paint brush or sponge, but in future will need polishing - work long and laborious. Better still use nozzles which are inserted into the bottle. How to make the air? A case when a person is primed with a hood, blowing spray in your mouth! But this is not for the faint of heart. The usual method - car or truck camera.
The surface of the grease solvent. It is useless to give advice on how to operate a spray gun, it is better to try several times. Do not be afraid of water stains or rough surfaces - with this all begins. Once dry, you can re-"withdraw" the surface of my best with the water and try again. On top of the first, a thin layer of paint applied after 5-7 minutes of the second - the last.