What is an airbrush, or vehicle only and unique

  What is an airbrush, or vehicle only and unique Airbrushing on the car - as a smart woman of high society - many people think about owning it, but few can afford it. Those who still dare to cause those around admiring attention. Always! No matter who in the eyes chance to be before a painted car: teenagers, who prior to the first machine to sit out a couple of classrooms, a pensioner, bibliophile, who has been on the life side of the car, or a passing oligarch. Look around, appreciate everything, without exception. High-quality image on the car - at the same time demonstrating its own taste and a business card of a successful person. From a bad life drawings on your car is not bought.

Airbrush on a body - it is not just another way to make a normal car unique and very real art. And if you want your car escorted admiring glances - go to a special studio. Typically, the studios are ready sketches, of which only have to select one you like. But the artist can accomplish and your own idea. In addition to aesthetic pleasure airbrush brings practical benefit: you can even say that making the airbrush, you buy another alarm - hardly anyone dare to steal a car. Of course, this is fun not cheap, but worth it.

First aerographic images appearing on the cars, had only a utilitarian function - these were the numbers on the body of racing cars. Then the board sports cars were decorated names and logos of sponsors, as well as images of the conquered cups. The next step in the evolution of "sports airbrushing" had already been painted art - different characters, fiery flash, running animals, or flying birds. Over time, motor racing became more popular and professional, the number of sponsors grew, and every centimeter of body surface of a racing car was becoming an expensive commodity. Therefore, "non-commercial" image soon left the motor racing. However, decorative painting cars is not dead, but continued to actively develop the private sector.

In Russia automotive airbrush reached only to mid-80's, but only a few years passed all stages of maturation and development of spray from the spray through a stencil monochrome Dragons to complete the decoration of the car with the help of a professional airbrush-equipment worth several thousand dollars. Overseas technology making cars in living pictures were made available to all and were not sacred magic (as many thought domestic car owners during the Soviet era), but quite acceptable means to emphasize the individuality of the owner.

Painting the car starts with a theme design. You can also bring your picture, and you can rely on the skill of the artist, giving him the very choice of plot and its implementation. Then do a sketch - the computer design drawing on a client's car. With the sketch you can imagine the look of your car after applying the airbrush. At this point you can make your adjustments and to express their wishes. Also, designers can produce several versions of the sketch, and you will only choose the version you like.

Following the approval of the picture car sent to service center where it's preparation: Remove old nail polish and "treatment" of small pockets of corrosion - cracks, chips of paint, small dents and scratches. All of this is removed, and shpatlyuetsya sand or otherwise attempt, or all defects crawl out from under the new paint in the coming months. Then the machine layer of foundation - the future of the background image and convey the artist. Depending on the nature of the image the artist chooses different colors of colors needed for work, and, if necessary, manufactures stencils. Then with an airbrush drawing layers applied to the body. Sometimes, to perform particularly thin and small elements of the picture, the master still use brushes and special pencils.

After drawing a picture machine gets to malaria, which is placed upon the drawing several layers of lacquer to protect it from environmental influences. Then the varnish is dried in special drying chamber. Drawing a picture together with the preparation and lacquered usually takes about two weeks, although some machines sometimes spend in the studio and more than a month. The period of work in this case does not determine the speed of the masters, and the complexity of the plot. The cost of airbrushing is directly dependent on the complexity and size of the picture. In the capital - is approximately U.S. $ 300-1000 for detail, and the hood is a double value.