How to pass the exam in the police?

  How to pass the exam in the police? Hooray! Finally! Driving over and ahead of the last but the most crucial step to obtaining the right to drive a car - an examination of traffic police. Of course, the man who is right, still can not call myself a driver. This title can be earned by riding more than one thousand miles through the city streets, and even then not always. In this article I will share his findings and impressions of the exam at the Traffic Police as one of the major steps towards the skill of driving.

Now the exam at the Traffic Police has 3 stages: Theory, maneuvering on the field and driving in real traffic. This is indicated in the introductory lesson.

Certainly, every candidate in the drivers very much wants to overcome this test the first time. This requires, above all, deal with it, relax and forget about ... a pleasant crust. Just to show what you have learned. And it will be difficult. Any examination "excite", especially when so want to take over driving license as soon as possible.

Part 1. Teoriya.Spravitsya the equipment is not working. The main thing - to read carefully the question. Until the end. Carefully review the image (if any) and no less carefully read the proposed answers. Many questions are designed to prevent that annoying bug only inadvertently easier prostogo.Vremeni given plenty, so calm down, focus and get started.

Before the test can be trained. There are many training programs to prepare for the theoretical part of the exam. This can be done on the page at traffic police at Do not try to memorize the correct answers. Better to grasp and understand every situation, traced on the ticket. Ask someone from the drivers familiar with the experience to explain obscure points, if not help reread the rules.

Part 2. Platform.

In St. Petersburg it is starting in on the rise, parallel parking and backing up a U-turn in three installments. The platform is equipped with very well: counting, cones, space for plenty of turn, the rise of the real.

Waiting for his turn should not be constantly looking over the fence and peek over landlord. Only nagnetete atmosphere. We came, assessed the situation - and to one side.

Hearing before the exam from friends about how, when getting into a car legs are trembling, I'm honestly surprised. Thanks to the instructor, I felt confident enough the day before the exam and had no doubt that easy to do what is required, because not once did this in class. However, sitting behind the wheel on the platform next to the traffic police officers, knew that his legs were shaking indeed, background noise seem to sound a jackhammer, and hear the vibration of the vehicle when starting on the rise is not possible, because I myself vibrating at least the engine itself.

The result - the engine stalled on the rise, and the car rolled down a treacherous ago. Immediately accept the fact that I failed (although it was not clear why complete all the exercises), calmed down, and perfectly fulfill the other. I was lucky, the examiner gave me a second chance, and I still passed the site. But you might not get lucky! Therefore, the main thing - peace of mind.

Part 3. Driving in real traffic.

Maximum 5 minutes. Routes thought beforehand, so that the tasks before you can get a variety.

Before the examination itself to ask the instructor about such important details as: whether to wear seat in the car, when put on the handbrake, etc. Also, you can say about this examiner. For example, when I take the exam, could not to wear and do not always put on the handbrake in order to save time.

On the day of the exam you have to spend in traffic police about 8 hours, so make that feel comfortable: comfortable clothes for the weather, no extra things in their hands.

I hope that my experience at least a little help to those who will take the exam on the right.

And to finish this story feel like the words of my teacher theoretical course: when you get right, took their first home, and then mark your success. So, just in case ....