Are the cats living magazines?

  Are the cats living magazines? No, I do not mean the Members area (users) who call themselves something like ja_kiso. I mean these cats. Or, on behalf of cats, on behalf of cats, art speaking, from the muzzle.
And then there are LJ, there is. And I'll show them.

And to adorn the life of the article used the picture 11,111,132. Tatyana Rodionova. [/b]

For example, a very serious cat - кот Аллерген. Это как раз журнал кота, написанный лично Аллергеном. Кот Аллерген был котом серьезным, котом-мыслителем творческого типа. Он активно участвовал в форумах и литературных объединениях (Арт-ЛИТО, Тенета) и сам писал стихи :
When night comes, as the landing
lights point the way cat's eyes.
And my throat catches sweet
chord of love and glorious fight haze.

Why do not you ask, sitting by the window
and looking at me with eyes of Eve,
living in paradise: "Is the night dark
there at the roots of the tree-knowing? "

  Are the cats living magazines?

And not only poetry, but Manifesto netneizma (Published in abridged).:

   NET - a network. And this is true, because NETNEIZM impossible without the web. Network - a place of NETNEIZMA and a new virtual reality, which is being developed and populated by a creative mind, dear.
NETNEIZM - a kind of counterbalance to Dadaism, but also in some sense continued it at a more abstract level.
The essence NETNEIZMA full release of creativity from the physical and social components. It is freedom from myself, dear!
NETNEIZM - is the complete liberation and the triumph of spirit over the flesh. This simultaneous stay of several valuable and precious lives in any form and in any forms, is a complete fly away from the passport data and other givens.
Dear! Nine lives are not only cats, dear! Renounce the old sad-sequential life! We'll give yourself an expensive new parallel life!
Be fruitful and multiply virtually! Populate a virtual space full of virtual life!

Not so literary-gifted, but also very philosophical cat was a cat 0,000,003. enjoyed terrific success! Here is selected excerpts:
  Are the cats living magazines?
  * * *
Helped this get out of the room. She arranged the items in the cupboards, and I was hiding on the shelves. This opens the door - and then I jumped out, holding up his claws, with a cry of "Tigrrry hunting!"
The result of a pleasure to watch. None of the clothes in the cupboards and all this in the patch.
I'm tired. Urgent eat.
 * * *
At night he played in vlazutchika. Climb up to this under the blanket, biting her heels, climbed under the bed, climbed to it under the blanket, bit him behind his knees, climbed under the bed. Just in case, and got a bath, and then those already awake.
* * *
He sat on the balcony, watching the world balance. Panoramic view of the global balance of barring some shabby little sparrow, which appeared to be - full of used. Freak hissed: "Shift your cursor!" - Damn, sits. I had to devour.
* * *
I found the soft sticks, which the hair on his head with twists. Razozhral into small pieces, beautifully laid out on the floor. To derive the original Byzantine mosaics. This has come - let's scream: "Oh, my pet, you're going nashalil! Other seals themselves so do not lead, other seals are not squirmy, other seals have not written under the seat! Something must change! "
B. .., how was it proposed to change the "other seals?
* * *
  Are the cats living magazines?
He sat in the kitchen, meditating on the empty bowls.
Comes in. This, picking his ear some shit with cotton wool. Yelled at him about zhrachku, gave a resounding "me", but this spittle hit in the throat, the voice was gone. Mouth open - no sound.
It stared at me, and then roared: "Yopvashumat, I'm deaf?" - His enormous eyes bulged, the home gallops, as nedopudel.
Turned out well. We must work out the reception on this one, long lean and Tom, who is not this.
 * * *
Moved. He took with him those.
I found a better apartment. Sills for tracking the global balance wider. Balcony better to review. Install a satellite dish to catch interference in the universe. Two of the rooms laid out with kittens. The kitchen is three times more space for bowls. In the outhouse kopalnaya area almost to the horizon. Good nychka under the tub. The mirror from floor to ceiling for acts of daily refreshing narcissism.
Chairs not. Not brought a chair. Nervous.

(Unfortunately, many diamonds Skot humor because of the extremely accented lexicon quote here does not allow a vegetarian, moral SHZH format, positioned as a tower In the family values. A pity, because they are outright ridiculous.)

Finally, the third representative of the illustrious tribe of cats in LJ - a cat named Турецкий. Записки называются ПРАКАТА (If the link does not work, because it looks unusual, then open and then there PRAKATA) and written with exceptional, I'd say - an extraordinary understanding and glubokoproniknovennym Kotin soul!
  Are the cats living magazines?
  Look, I'm not always in vain. How would you have been, if not male. Here you are, for example, sat there and looked out. Where is shining and where everything is, as televizer. Where are you Kabuto as I floor, so you do hands on the white and de buttons. There, you see, you're sitting in a long time, the hand of all, and rady and did not, I looked, and gloomy, and there's not enough. Well, that's not enough chutchut same?

After all, there is always the same seal should be there to put in order. Look! Not enough! Will my pet, and soon! I'll go there then come to him in a cat in me always looked. Because I also wanted everyone to have enough, and so beautifully, and so at once and well, and you will laugh, and maybe pat. Well I do.
You are where you look for a long time, will seal, because they need it. I do promise, I'll come back.

I, daddy was sitting here and here.
Well, I've been thinking, and went afterwards, but then again podumal.Dom here is another. Here's the place all the way and not so. A bowl is, and Vodicka, and I pisil, there's all there. And daddy. How butoh house, and another. I've had is that, everything else, and I then go and sleep, and even indulge can seravno house, and another. And daddy. And another. A bowl. Well how?
So daddy is home. And qada leaving, but once home and away. And I'm going to let the house, I know how nice and warm, and look here as a nap, so once it is well. And stroke is also good if it will be quite a house, and cozy. You will go away and miss, and then go home and that's it!
It will be good, I know. Daddy a big house, and I'll be small.

First, a lot of sleep. They need to watch if daddy had to lay eyes and bored, then have to come over there and do. To rady and stroke. Suddenly sad. Then another lie, and when daddy would still need to lie down. Maybe a long time. If posyplet, you can eat. Or not, but it is hot, I was lying there when you do not want to eat. Dohlaya food vseremya lies, then I'm better.

Then over all buckled and go, but I like the big and the biggest and main. You've got to sleep or to hurry, or walking. Or I'm there tumbled, and then lay there, so good too. Can the wall so do not criticize. But come, and soon all be told, so many walking, so much naspal, and also saw the bird. There were all sorts. Well, just a toilet and eat, and then a boring and nobody will look, and immediately everybody knows what I can and do everything correctly. And the balcony necessarily, but there is Niechorze, can not be so.

The coat clean all the time. Always walk and look after everything. You can sleep later. De buzzing or de daddy, where I know he stroked. Or under ukryvalom catch, too interesting. And then sleep.

  Are the cats living magazines?