Puppy: how to choose and where to buy?

  Puppy: how to choose and where to buy? All matters agreed upon, the duties are distributed, the money set aside, the neighbors warned. The debate about the pros and cons of different breeds were left behind. The choice is made. The decision was made: You buy a puppy.

Choosing and buying a puppy is not only very important, but time-consuming process. Start with a visit to a bookstore and buy books on the breed you are interested. See photos of champion dogs, study description of the exterior. Pay attention to the features, whose presence in the puppy is not desirable. And especially to those in the presence or absence of which the puppy is not suitable for further breeding. This may be the color of eyes, unusual for this breed, or the presence of spots on the body, and can conversely, their absence. Many subtleties, such as: height, weight, proportion, color, bite, shape of the head. All this should remember and all to understand. It will help and visiting exhibitions, which represented the breed you are interested in.. You can also specify obscure details and make useful contacts.
Then proceed to the most important step. Direct selection. Remember, you do not choose a toy, but an animal that will become a member of your family. Even if you do not plan to continue to participate in exhibitions and competitions, do not buy knowingly "defective" animals, because very often visible external defects accompany a more serious deviations. And who knows, maybe time will pass and your interest in dogs will grow from a mere hobby into a desire to do a professional in their cultivation. And here without participation in exhibitions and competitions is not enough.
So: where to buy? The best solution - contact the nursery engaged in cultivation of the chosen breed. It should be understood that the nursery is not an apartment in a building or even a private house, where he breeds all known dog-breed at the same time, as if you are not convinced of the opposite, no matter what the arguments do not lead, and whatever documents are not shown - do not believe my eyes. Advantages of buying a puppy in the kennel are obvious. You do not cheat by selling sick or poor conformation animal. Your puppy will, if necessary, skilled care of a veterinarian, and you will be offered advice in matters of education and content. But there is a negative - the price. It may be higher than the average market several times. Moreover, you may be denied in buying a dog for lack of experience do you have or another, sometimes not the most objective reason.
In the second place in this ranking can be put Kennel Club. But again, this club should be a "name" and be sure to have your own room. Attending dog shows, pay attention to the successes of various clubs and the level of their pets. Typically, a club guide more loyally tuned to future owners of their pets, but still, they would strongly recommend you do Training and participate in exhibitions. If you contact the kennel club or you were asked to join the queue for puppies and wait a little - very good. Sign up, choose from the list and wait. But remember: these nurseries and clubs for the unborn puppies advances do not ask.
If you really do not want to delay the purchase, open the newspaper and read the messages. They usually contain information about the already born pups. The widespread opinion that "through the newspaper" Nothing good can not buy - a mistake. In the newspapers publish information not only individuals, but also clubs and nurseries. Although, in this case should be more careful. Cheating is possible, but it can already reveal the first phone conversation. To do this, check with the seller not only nicknames parents puppy, and the name of the club, in which they are registered. Then carefully re-examine everything, calling the club, but better him personally visited.

And now, the most exciting moment: you have in hand a list of puppies, claiming for the title of your dog. Usually, puppies are for sale at the age of 5-6 weeks. At this age, can already be highly likely to imagine what a dog will roll out from you to meet the little furry lump. Here is the knowledge of the exterior will help received from the books and after visiting exhibitions. Inspect not only a puppy, but also his parents. Pay special attention to the proportions of the addition and "backbone". The puppy should be fun and active, to move quickly and boldly, to respond to tapping on the floor, clapping and easily enter into the game. Eyes and ears should be clean. Coat is glossy and conform to the length, color and texture. Do not believe sellers when they say that the puppy has faded, will change the color or structure of wool.