How to help the kitten get used to a new home?

  How to help the kitten get used to a new home? Finally your dream come true. Do you have in the house appeared charming kitten!

Now you have, someone to love, about someone cares! And how funny watching his games and how he became acquainted with the outside world. Now for you there is nothing charming, appealing his charming naive faces!

And what bliss to pet this sweet little one, to hear in response to a grateful purr, which at heart is so warm, quiet and cozy ... Such a happy feel it necessary and important to this defenseless furry lump!

Yet not only is necessary to your new family member. Now you will be required considerable effort and patience. For now move around the apartment to be with special care, so that, God forbid, not to cause him harm. Who knows where it is nestled at the moment? If you are not going to look down, you can and crush it!

Having brought a kitten home, not worth it immediately "zatiskivat. Give the baby to start to look around and explore their new home. He has absolutely nothing about it does not know! And suddenly he was there waiting for the danger? He should definitely check it!

Do not forget to offer a warm kitten milk. Trying to quickly feed him - not worth it, let them start all final examination. Only after he had a little emboldened, can offer him food. It must be familiar to him food, which he had already used! Be sure to check that the baby has always had clean water.

Do not forget to play a little with him and be sure to show him a place to relax. It would be nice to put it there is something warm, such as a small water bottle, and next - ticking clock. It reminded him of his mama cat, her warm and familiar to his heartbeat. For her first time kitten will be very lonely, and this technique will help him feel more comfortable.

The very first day in new home will give your child the hardest. Surrounded by strangers with new smells, it is very wants to mother-cat. He may start to look for it. If you notice that the kitten is concerned, then take him in my arms, caress. It is in these moments between you will be set very close relationship and mutual affection! Right now you can win its location and confidence! Let your baby feel secure, feel that he is safe next to you!

Treat your pet as possible care. Not on your nelly not worth grabbing him by the hair on his neck and raise him in that position. The mother cat does so only with their kittens in the first five weeks of their lives. In this period for kittens is safe. If you become rude to raise his withers in the age of about three months, then it can lead to unwanted injury - rupture of tendons and ligaments. If you want to raise a kitten, then this should be done with two hands. So baby will feel safe.

You should always stock up in advance various accessories for cats. Items such as a container for transporting the animal bedding to sleep for a toilet pan, filling him, a brush for grooming, cat's special dishes and flea collars.

By creating these conditions for your pet, you can easily make friends with them and teach to order. In this case you do not travmiruete him, and, accordingly, will be rewarded with his confidence to you.

You would not punish your pet physically!