How to teach the hamster? Part I, kormitelno-priruchitelnaya.

  How to teach the hamster? Part I, kormitelno-priruchitelnaya. Hamster settles quietly in his house, pours tum served to him with food and started looking around and being more active. His nose can be seen simultaneously in several places, and inside the cell gets the color of skin of hamsters, so fast it sometimes happens.

And in this period should think about his upbringing and domestication. Any animal can learn, and the hamster is no exception. This article is about taming and training a pet.

For a start should be a tightly understand: hamster - being small, and in nature only lazy did not impinge on his life. However, there is nothing to defend Khomyak: nature is not endowed him with no sharp claws or powerful jaws, and even the sharp teeth are not for battles with predators. The only thing that can save a hamster in nature - it's speed and reliable shelter. So when you take him in hand, not surprising that he might try to escape and hide in a secluded corner.

When you start to give him food, you should do it with his hands. Thereby you accustom the animal to ensure that the food given to him not from the sky. In addition, hamster stops in time to be frightened of your hand - the hand he has been associated with food. Once it begins to climb almost fearlessly to your hand and fill cheeks "seeds", the problem can be complicated. Pre-need to make sure what a treat he likes, and for him, he would risk his sandpaper. The author in his time did the following: one seed, it is their loved my hamster, lecturing track on his arm, from hand to elbow. The only thing for what needs to be monitored, it is to ensure that the process hamster nothing frightened.

Procedure of food necessary to carry out daily, as well as take on his hands. The fact is that if you do not, then nedopriruchenny hamster will quickly run wild, and soon you may find that your pet will once again run away and hide in the farthest corner, or bite you. It is painful, very painful.

Do not be reached going through the bars of the cage, poking various pencils, pens and other objects in the animal, as well as easy to create noise, carrying a metal object on the bars. In the case of food you can face the fact that the hamster accustom to the fact that everything he is offered - is edible, and the animal will be happy to take even the fingers of the master's hands, believing their new unusual delicacy. In other cases it is simply unethical and creates additional discomfort for the animal.

If you want your pet to have met you when you arrive, you can be fed to coincide with the appearance of your home. Of the times once, and he will understand, more precisely, he elaborated a conditioned reflex.

Over the Misdemeanors usually are punished. In our case, the force you can overdo it, so you can not use corporal punishment. And in order to ward off the animal from wrong actions must be patience and acumen. But that is the subject separate article .

As you can understand the main driver training and domestication of a food. That is exactly what brought dogs, cats and other animals, hamster in this sense is no exception.