How to teach the hamster? Part II, punitive, instructive.

  How to teach the hamster? Part II, punitive, instructive. Any training - it is a struggle of opposites: rewards and punishments. This is true for everyone - men and various animal species. Hamster does not differ from men. Is that Rostik small, all in fur, and biologists determine it to another species. And all with him: and eat hands, and washes, and the procedure followed. In the last 1,111,112. Article [/url] told how to tame this amazing creation with simultaneous training. In this speech will be discussed on the punishment.

Most people try to apply the practice of corporal punishment. Go to the toilet in the wrong place - the collar and nose in a puddle; overturned saucer - again nose trouble, and so on and so forth. All what can be achieved similar to the reception, this is only the alienation of the animal: it may no longer respond to the name, because you are sure that this will be punished, could start more cool refers to attempts to play. All this is possible, and hamster. Also it is necessary to take into account its small size, due to which sometimes is difficult to assess their own strength, to do no harm, and should not forget: hamster - being shy.

But what in this case? - You ask. This issue is very topical, so it is impossible to ignore the.

If your hamster, for whatever reasons, go to the toilet in the corner, and not specifically designed for this place, or sometimes do not want it to go, it is not worth it to poke his nose into a puddle. First, the "toilet", he categorically not be so always go to your own corner, you can simply rearrange the "toilet" in the selected location hamster, and then throw into the "toilet" a pair of dirty sawdust to smell helped hamster to figure out where he hit. Secondly, you can try to change the location of "furniture and floors in a cage: a hamster often seems convenient to use the toilet is over there in the corner under the cross-country wheel, if the owner of Running wheel moves to another place, and the hamster is losing interest in" get out that corner. Finally, if the hamster long and hard to believe that the toilet must be on the second/third floor, clean up after them there is difficult, but rearrangement of furniture does not help, you can for a few days off the floors and wash them thoroughly. During this time, a hamster will have to find a new place for the toilet, and if the old cabin will not smell, its convenience in the past, animal no longer remember.

Thus, corporal punishment is replaced by perseverance and resourcefulness owner. The basic idea is also such an education is that a hamster has his very specific view about what, where and for what should be used in his "den". And the only thing that can make the boss - to change the hole so that the result was convenient to him, and hamster.

As for tipping lampions with food or spreading it to Cage ... These transgressions are not so heavy, so for them to punish. Hamster - being nimble and restless, and besides, accusatory "seeds" in the hay noticeably brightened his life. The only thing that may be advisable in this case: to put the bowl so that he was the most difficult to overturn. For this purpose, you can buy heavy ceramic bowls or suspended, which will be mounted on the bars.

As an option, which some might suggest, punishment poke through the bars of the cage, deprived of any meaning. On the one hand it is unethical, because the hamster, and so is not in the usual place of dwelling, and afflict not stay humane. On the other hand, the animal can not understand that he is "punished" and can perceive this gesture as a kind of game or try to give something edible (which is why there are cases bite the fingers that are inadvertently being inside the cell).

Take on hand to symbolically it a pat on the ass, can not. Even if the hamster was not hurt, he still unpleasant and uncomfortable. And these feelings he may well lead to rejection and greater fear of your hands. In other words, domestication may come to nothing.

How could you tell from the article, not to punish the hamsters. It is best to be smart than blunt force. In the end, it is the intellect that distinguishes man from animals, and he also has to be the main tool in teaching our smaller brethren.