How to solve the housing problem hamster?

  How to solve the housing problem hamster? Hamster buy a snap. Worth it cheaply, if at all familiar gift will give the offspring of their pets. But to pick up for furry lump happiness suitable housing - already a problem. Cells on the market or in a pet shop in abundance. If possible, you, of course, choose the most beautiful, with a colorful maze. And you will suffer for a long time to justify the money invested. I'll tell you why.

Cages for hamsters to choose, guided primarily by considerations of practicality and convenience for you and for the very animal.

Let's start with size. Mezzanine cells save space in your apartment, do not hesitate in space hamster. But to run into them uncomfortable, but the hamster - a resident of the steppes, he loves long distances. Also particularly smart or young animal can fall from the top shelf on the bottom and hurt himself. Hamster - not a cat does not land on their feet. Every fall for it can be fatal. Of course, over time homa get used to each floor, but I love it unsuitable for its natural home - another question.

Day hamsters sleep, but can crawl out of the house to eat, drink or go to the toilet. Moreover, all these processes take place in their half-asleep state. You enjoy the night to go through the entire apartment in the toilet? That's it, too.

If you still bought a Multistage cage, remove the bottom grill pan with that in the event fall hamster landed on a soft filler, rather than iron bars. And there were narrow shelves also better to lay a plastic that the hamster is not sinking paws. Very comfortable thin-holders for hot, they can be cut to form shelves and weave in the bars. Stairs between floors are best to fix the wire, just make sure its sharp bending its ends. During a night vigil hamsters often dropping stairs and then can not return home or get off the shelves.

Attention is drawn to the quality of the metal from which the rods are made. If it is too soft, it is likely that the hamster it peregryzet and go for a walk. Or protisnetes between the bars. The frequency of weaving also important. Do not buy randomly checked for guinea pigs. They are generally comfortable in shape and made of good metal. But the gap between the bars is too large, the hamster will take place in them as in the door.

Speaking of the door. If multi-level cell, there should be at least two. Ideally, if the open door includes both your hands. Hamster got only need two hands: one substitute what you have and wait until it zalezut, the second covers the animal from above. If the door opens up to her to be hooked. Simply raise the grille Khomyak quite capable.

Next, look at the bottom. Perhaps you feel that pull-out tray is very convenient. Nope. Pull out and wash it only - not an option, all the trays are too shallow to fill filler only in the sliding part. You still have to unfasten the bottom completely. So better to seek unity. Its clean and easy - the smaller angles, the less dirt on them going. A pull-out trays are often flowing.

Color cells are not principled. Of course, the ideal - unpainted stainless steel rods. Many hamsters chew bars, and feed them with paint to anything. But if you still want painted - white looks more elegant than most.
Pay attention to the bottom bracket to the lattice. It must be reliable enough so that you can raise a cage by the handle.

And, finally, let's talk about freaks. Why do most of all, because of what we choose a cell, it turns out our own headache?

Labyrinths. They are beautiful, they can be different to gather as a designer, they imitate the tunnels, which rodents are building in nature, and love hamsters. Yes, it is in the tunnels hamsters live in freedom. And happy to dwell in your maze, completely forgetting about the rest of the cell. And that means that it is in the maze, they will organize the pantry and a toilet. Imagine the smell of plastic pipe with small vent holes? And the maze will have to regularly disassemble and wash brush. Yes, and you just can not get a hamster if he does not want to leave. Do you need this headache? Better to just buy for homas cozy cottage, his stuff them with soft towels and put in a cage. Everyone will be satisfied.