"Pius, to me! Come here! Get back, get back! Come back, nelly! Can not you see - the car g" />

 He'll understand if you have a dog-alien?

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  He'll understand if you have a dog-alien? "Pius, to me! Come here! Get back, get back! Come back, nelly! Can not you see - the car goes ?!!!» about how I screamed at the bank of the North Sea, English Pointer, born and raised in Norway. Moreover, education of the dog was "higher hunting. This "diploma" means that any order of the working hunting pointer should take immediately and carry out without question.

But it is our Pia trouble was that she had been "subject" of the Kingdom of Norway, and I - a stranger from Belarus. Pius "spoke" only in Norwegian (despite the British origin of the breed), but I - in Russian and English. What is actually meant for dogs on any. My cries are likely to be perceived it has about the same as we perceive the "blank" barking dogs: dog barking - the wind is.

Considering himself a rather "savvy" sobachnitsey with experience, I could not imagine that the situation with the language barrier is relevant in this case. Somehow it seemed that it was the dog brothers can communicate anywhere, intuitively relying solely on an emotional voice and gestures. And from that hard to believe that communication will still be two-sided and, most importantly, effective.

As it turned out, the foreign dogs have the same communication problems that people-foreigners (in what I had to make sure). Sometimes such a misunderstanding grows even in a serious national issue. Not so long ago in internet news flashed note that the British police began to attract to the service in the local ranks of non-native dog of dogs, rekrutiruya them from Slovakia, Holland and Belgium. To date, the Yorkshire branch, for example, eight out of forty-eight service dogs - foreigners.

One of the first in the United Kingdom appeared tailed recruits from Slovakia. Masters, countrymen had brought to the dogs is not attached (probably because of economic reasons - why the police extra investment?). Therefore, the problem of communication is acute since the first days. Dogs-Slovaks arrogantly ignored the representatives of British law, as well as all the orders in English. To rectify matters, had several Bobby quickly got ready to travel and spend a couple of days away from home - learn some foreign language and, at the same time, hire a suitable translator (for a permanent linguistic support a new project in the UK).

Neither more nor less - 14 weeks it took to "grinding" foreign dogs and local police. As a result, was born the only possible compromise. Teams now are given to dogs in two languages - first on the "native", then in English. But the British, nevertheless, continue to cherish the dream that one day one of the languages (which is understandable) will disappear from the command package. That's when all breathe calmly and put an end to this experiment.

It seems that the problem of communication of people and dogs every year is becoming more and more international. Probably, in the first place, what is growing and expanding transcontinental "sobakoobmen. Otherwise, someone would have had the idea to write such a "serious" bestseller like "Teach your dog to a foreign language» («Teach Your Dog a Foreign Language, Complete Dog's Guide to Russian, German, Japanese, Spanish and Italian», 2007, ISBN 978 - 1-60458-075-4, by Maya S. White)?

In a press release issued in November 2007, states that the creation of this labor Maya White has inspired her dog Norick, "who spoke" in three languages - Russian, Belarusian and German. The author believes that this does not limit canine capabilities and proposes to expand the list of linguistic - to teach dog's still Japanese, Spanish and Italian. It should also be noted that especially proud of is the fact that publishers of books approval system, the legendary "K-9" (a standardized training course for dogs and the dogs and police that have passed special training and enrolled for active service, so called - "K-9").

Having decided with my own eyes to make sure the interest of K-9 ", I went to the official sites spetsdepartamentov USA. All true. American police do not even hide the fact that European dogs, she wondered more than representatives of official breeds of local origin (from the Europeans and the genotype of "cleaner", and they cost much cheaper). American trainers, K-9 "regularly tour the European Breeders - select suitable candidates for the service. So on the main pages of police sites appear photos with comments like: "This officer Kelliher and his K-9" East-European Shepherd Buff. Buff - tactical patrol dog. Her duties include looking dangerous suspects, the detention of offenders, as well as the provision of search and forensic teams to support Special Forces SWAT Five years ago, Buff was taken from Holland.