Are able to say whether the animals?

  Are able to say whether the animals? Our lovely pets seem to us unique, different from other dogs or cats. You look at Tuzik or Murka, and it seems that all know what he'll say. While you are talking in different languages.

And what about communication with other animals? And with the birds? I learned a person speaker animals?

Scientists have repeatedly tried to enter the world of animals and learn how to communicate with every living creature in their language. One researcher was able to record on tape the sounds that emit starlings when they are threatened. Then he switched on the tape recording. When the birds heard the alarm - immediately flew away.

There are many cases where animals have learned to speak. So, the dog trainer Durova could pronounce the word "ma-ma". One cat said ... in Azerbaijani. Crow taught to count to four, and the wolf - up to ten. In the circus is often seen as the beasts and birds add and subtract numbers (this is elephants, monkeys, and parrots, and dogs, and goats).

Parrots, starlings, crows are very good at pronouncing words, and even suggestions, imitating the human voice. A parrot has learned 120 words!

Everybody knows how diverse 'language' cats and dogs, especially home, who live next to people. Some of them are very fond of "conversation" with the owner. Biologists believe that adult trained dogs understand up to 120 words of human language.

All animals use sound signals. Thus, the chicken produces more than 10 signals, the pig - more than 20 dolphin - more than 30, the nightingale - a few dozen. These signals are expressing anger, fear, call pleasure.

A case where a husband and wife have the house baby chimp named Vicki, and raised her as his own daughter. Vicki learned to say "papa", "mama", "cup" and a few words in English. But most of all she loved to be explained through gestures or through pictures. Spouses decided to teach her sign language.

They gave her pictures, toys, books. Vicky learned to paint, use utensils, a toothbrush. For three years she has learned 132 characters of American sign language. Understand a few hundred other characters. But to say more, she never learned.

Researchers concluded that the vocal apparatus is not adapted to the monkeys of articulate speech. The ability to produce sounds that give the signals, even repeat the words do not mean that animals have the same language as the people.

Still, some of which skills of human speech of animals can be taught.

Scientists have found that the easiest to teach dolphins human language. Dolphins are easy to memorize and reproduce the words, understand their meaning. In dolphins excellent vocal apparatus. They are very sociable, love to play, help each other. If one of them wounded and could not come up, while others raise it up so that he swallowed the air. There are cases when dolphins rescuing drowning in a sea of people.

Dolphins communicate not only among themselves. When the turtles are sent to Nikorabskim islands to lay eggs, they are accompanied by dolphins. Turtles do not immediately go to shore and wait for the signal dolphins, to assess the situation on the coast.