In recent years it has become fashionable instead of cats and dogs start various exotic animals" />

 How can I keep an exotic animal at home? Iguana.

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  How can I keep an exotic animal at home? Iguana. In recent years it has become fashionable instead of cats and dogs start various exotic animals, such as iguanas. This is a prestigious, beautiful, and the content of these interesting animals there is no problem - they are unpretentious and quiet. It is even said that they very quickly get used to the masters, legends, and even bring sneakers team. So why do you dog?

Iguanas belong to the family of lizards. Their length can vary from a few cm to 2 m in total there are about 650 species of exotic animals, including basilisks. Habitats - mostly in the Western Hemisphere, 14 species listed in the Red Book.
Representatives of the family of iguanas are very beautiful and exotic. The colors they can be very diverse: from the greenish-brown to bright orange, almost fiery.

  How can I keep an exotic animal at home? Iguana. His unusual appearance, they must, first of all, the long ridge of skin protrusions, spines across the spine - from head to tail, as well as the picturesque "beard" and the resonator. In this they resemble a real dinosaur, and they can easily show off to friends. Moreover, the lineage of modern iguanas really comes from the famous ancestors - iguanodontov belonging to the order of most that neither is true dinosaurs - the real monsters in the tropics.

The main thing - to ensure the iguana needed most - a suitable meal for a huge range of every day, water in the aquarium from which you can and drink and swim there, as well as additional heating lamps in the terrarium (large enough), because this little animal - comes from tropical countries. Oh and one more necessary condition for the existence of the Iguana - a presence in her home tree for climbing. This can be any stable picturesque snags, thick branches, a piece of wood, on which the animal could and climb, and just sit on it, because in the nature iguanas are arboreal lifestyle.

  How can I keep an exotic animal at home? Iguana. They love to sit for hours, frozen under the hot sun terrarium - lamps, and perhaps remembering their homeland - the North or South America, where many of their relatives live on the shores of natural water bodies, feeding on fruits, insects and small rodents ...

So your pet requires a similar diet - fruits, vegetables, can in the form of mixed fruit and vegetable salad. The elements of it can be bananas, and oranges and apples, and carrots, and fresh green cucumbers, and red tomatoes, and kiwi, and pears, and grapes, as well as lettuce and cabbage. What we have in this moment in your arsenal - all this can crumble in a salad. It looks so appetizing salad and picturesque, though now write.

1-2 times a week can and should also be provided by the meat and cheese. You can even sometimes, if you can, throw up a terrarium iguankam living newborn mice or rats, that they have not lost, hunting instinct, and with it interest in life. Some iguanas prefer only the meat, and vegetarian food is eaten sparingly and vice versa.

Normal activity and good digestion iguana should be in his house-a warm terrarium point with daytime temperatures 31-35 ° C. The remainder of the premises must have a daytime gradient between 24-31 ° C and the night between 24-28 ° C. Adult iguanas are more resistant to the decrease in temperature and minimum night temperature for them is likely to fall to 22 ° C, require higher young - less than 24 ° C.
Some difference must be present in the terrarium must - as in nature, where there are patches of sunlight and shadow. In the terrarium iguana permanently moves out of the warmest area in the cooler area and vice versa, thus supporting the optimal temperature of the body.

One, sometimes two a day should clear up in a terrarium - to clean the mat or straw mat, change the water in the aquarium, rinse with clean running water trough - usually a bowl-like cat, you can buy now at any pet store. Aquarium can also be purchased at a pet shop, good range of them are great and varied - from very large and medium-sized to small, round and square. But, of course, necessary that the size of your pet's water was such that he could dive into it completely. Bathing - a very important component in the content of these animals.
After bathing iguana with an even greater pleasure to climb to its picturesque trees, which you them to ensure that enough to get warm under the lights, frozen and closed his eyes with pleasure.

  How can I keep an exotic animal at home? Iguana. The first, more familiar with your new family member, should not be too familiar, and even more so to behave rudely. Iguanas that can not stand, and you only sprovotsiruete their aggression, which can immediately gain a foothold in their behavior. At first, they should be be very careful and cautious until you understand the nature of the animal. As in humans, and among these interesting little animals find a wide variety of temperaments and characters. There are very "typical" iguanas, and there are - very humble.

"Typical" is often strive to hit the tail or produce such remarks, if they want to attack. Therefore, removing a terrarium or communicating with them, we must be extremely cautious and careful, watching their every movement, as animals may bite or attack just a habit or from fear and a sense of self-defense.
This applies particularly to the young, inexperienced, and therefore wildly individuals. Do not yell at them, much less beat. This will only aggravate the situation. They will become even more unruly and aggressive. It needs only patience, kindness, calm, smooth and quiet voice, smooth, unhurried movement.

Peace-loving iguanas also be doubly rewarded for their good behavior - they can be fearlessly iron (but only when the poobvyknetes with them), they at the same time, even turning a blind eye. When cleaning the terrarium they are very quiet and behave, so they can even pull out of the terrarium at this time, we can, together with a piece of wood on which they sit. They will not sit still and watch you while you do not plant them together with the pedestal in place.

A necessary condition for good content exotic animal is to ensure your pet vitamin complexes.
As a mineral and vitamin dressings can use the following: bad proven vitamins complexes Centrum, which can be purchased at any pharmacy. Also suitable reptiliyny complex «Reptilife». Choose the most complete complexes with binding of vitamin D3. It is also good, if it contains beta carotene, does not cause hypervitaminosis, and transforms the body into the necessary amount of vitamin B.

As mineral complex often used «Reptical».
Not bad Osteoform, Stress and other drugs with a high content of calcium.

In short, the content of these animals - it is very difficult and expensive, and thinking about whether you need it, be sure to re-read as much literature, to communicate with those who have iguanas, including specialized forums on the Internet. Details and additional recommendations on the content of iguanas, you can find on the website Iguana-Rus .