How to care for the hamster?

  How to care for the hamster? Your pet lives with you for some time. You sly учите его, не забывая про то, что рядом с поощрением, возможно, идет корректировка поведения . Feed and poite this sweet creature. And here's the waiting for us the subject of this article. How to care for the hamster?

Analogies with the man there is no longer relevant. More suitable opposition.

If people tend to bathe frequently, the hamster do not want to bathe. The fact that he can simply catch a cold. And because all processes in the body of an animal occur fairly quickly, even illness, the swimming can fatally affect the hamster.
However, the way out could be found. We must set a special tray or kupalku with sand. Sand is better not to take from the street, you never know what the infection can store.

Many people like to walk, or simply forced to do it. Hamster in the apartment is better not to walk their. If you do not keep an eye and a curious animal escapes, the problems will be very, very much. Zubki in hamster sharp and able to make a hole in the wooden door, about the furniture and sofas were better to be silent. (The author's childhood hamster broke free and made a burrow in a bed. Imagine a seven year child who discovers sheburshanie middle of the night in my bed. I remember: a few days refused to sleep on the bed.) Catch a hamster and then be a matter of rather complex and there is no chance that the operation "to find and neutralize" will be successful.

If for some reason you want to walk their your pet, then it is better to make a special pen. The main function of this facility will be to prevent "escape" hamster.

People love to travel - in other cities, countries, continents. Hamster is better not to make the apartment. The fact that he can get frightened and siganut you out of your hands and add to this the speed of the animal ... Also, eating something that is not what runs the risk of poisoning or hamster infected. Also do not forget about the cold. And all this in addition to natural hazards of the street: people, cats, dogs and birds. Do not traumatize the poor little animal.

Many people love to get out in my house, for some it develops into a mania lick everything clean. Cage Khomyak better not clean more often than 1 times a week, but you can once every two weeks. It all depends on the circumstances. Especially if you have him go to 1,111,116. WC [/url] , Then with the smell you should have no problems. Cage clean "lick" better not worth hamster does not like when the cell is not "native" smell. This is his traumatic.

Many people like to rearrange the furniture in the apartment, as well as change their place of residence. Every move, even within the same apartment for a hamster - test. They live by different laws, the primary role played by the smell, but it is in every place is different. Therefore, hamster feels very uncomfortable when the smell of too many changes.

I hope this article helps you become a good host for your hilarious lop-eared hamster, and contribute to health, long and pleasant cohabitation.